Spaces We Love : Gin Designs

Gin Braverman of Gin Designs worked on the HGTV show 'Home Rules' back in 2010. Since then the firm has worked on restaurants and residential design, notably Oxheart in Houston, TX and South End in New Canaan, CT. Drawn to various textures and colors, she combines the two to form a truly beautiful space. Images below are from the Industrial Loft that Gin Designs did. To follow Gin Braverman and learn more about her work and to contact her, click here.

Guild of Oregon Wood Workers Toy Drive

This year the Guild of Oregon Wood Workers, a non-profit group of hobbyists and professionals who share a common passion for woodworking, put on the 2012 Christmas Toy Drive which lasted from October 1 - December 12, 2012 in Portland, OR.

Featured below are many of the toys that were donated, and the only finishes that were used were mineral oils or no finish at all, assuring a very safe and non-toxic gift. These donations were given to Impact NW for many children and families, as well as seniors and adults with disabilities. Impact NW is a service agency with anti-poverty services that offer education, financial assistance, job-training, and in-home services. Impact NW separated all donations and told each family to pick one "Large" toy.  We delivered close to 150 toys including a total of 24 cradles not shown here. If you would like more informaiton about this toy drive or the Guild of Oregon Wood Workers click here.

Fresh on the Floor : Eastern Walnut Bookcase with Doors

Fresh on the floor this week is our Eastern Walnut Bookcase with doors. This piece measures 14d x 36w x 66h and retails for $2,657. There are four shelves inside the bookcase, three of which are adjustable, that provide plenty of flexible storage space. For more information about this Eastern Walnut Bookcase, click here or contact us here.

Wood Profile: Madrone

Madrone, also known as Pacific Madrona, is a unique Northwestern hardwood found in the coastal areas of British Columbia to Southern California and prized for its rich burgendy, salmon, and warm cream color range, along is known for its curly red bark. Madrone is a dense wood that comes in figured burl with clusters of knots and swirled grain. The Joinery has been using Madrone to build furniture since 2002 in partnerhsip with Sustainable Northwest

NCNM and the ECO Project

We had the pleasure of building this large table for the ECO Project, a collaboration between Bob's Red Mill and NCNM. Bob's Red Mill is the internationally known whole-grain company based in Oregon, and the National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM) is the nation's oldest naturopathic medical schools in the country. This partnership focused on the concern of America's growing childhood obesity problem, as well as hypertension and liver disease. 

"The mission of the ECO Project is to reduce chronic disease and morbidity associated with childhood obesity by empowering children, families, and communities through education to make and have access to healthy choices."

The table we built is being used in for weekly workshops for children, families, and adults to provide health education and hands-on cooking lessons. Below is photo from the grand opening of Charlee's Kitchen. For more information about this project, visit their website here.

NCNM: Charlie's Kitchen

Fresh on the floor : Dunning Kirsten's Dresser

Fresh on the floor this week is our Dunning Kirsten's Dresser in Cherry with Quilted Maple drawer fronts measuring 22d x 56w x 44h and retailing at $4,250. The amazing wood grain of the Maple on this dresser really stands out and would make a great addition to any bedroom. If you would like more information about this dresser, please click here or contact us here.

Spaces We Love : Smart home design in the Berkshires

This 2,900 square-foot house located in the Berkshires is built on a former campground including 200 feet of lakefront and was built with a mix of modern materials.This design of Meryl and Ed Mandelbaum's home was based on a barn and included three cottages the original owners had rented out for many families and guests. To view more information click here to read the original article by The Boston Globe.

The skeleton of Meryl and Ed Mandelbaum's house is outlined in reclaimed wood, creating a rustic yet modern aesthetic. 

Customer / Friend Profile: Norman Gary

Pictured below is 92 year old Norman Gary (left) with one of our craftsmen, Ken Vetterick (right). Norman Gary was one of the recipients to The Joinery's long standing Meals on Wheels delivery years ago and now visits us frequently to get some of our scrap wood to keep his house warm. Norman is quite the character and a good friend to The Joinery.  He was a child actor during his youth appearing in a number of movies including, the American comedy drama Captain January in 1936 featuring Shirley Temple. Norman visits The Joinery every so often to check out our different kinds of scrap wood available in our free bin, right outside the wood shop. Norman is by far one of our oldest and most entertaining of friends, and he still drives!

Fresh on the floor : Mitered Coffee Table

Fresh on the floor this week is our Mitered Coffee Table in Western Walnut with a dimension of 22d x 48w x 17h. Retailing at $1,800, this table contains circular holes scattered throughout the wood, making this truly a unique piece of furniture. If you would like to contact us about the Mitered Coffee Table, please stop by or call us here.

Companies We Love : Krown Lab

Krown Lab is a Portland based company made up of designers and engineers who create and manufacture architectural hardware for residential and commercial interior spaces. Before their creative process begins, Krown Lab focuses on sourcing their products within the region and supporting the local economy, building a strong foundation for their business. Fine craftsmanship, superior quality, and timeless design are the core of every Krown Lab creation. For more information, please visit their website here.