Celebrate Oregon Event

Candle Holder

Oregon Environmental Council is hosting an event tonight the Leftbank Annex from 5:30-8pm to celebrate Oregon. We donated our time to create candle holders for the events tables.


Fresh on the Floor: Custom Dunning Case

Dunning Dresser

Fresh on the floor is a custom 4-Drawer Dunning style Dresser in Cherry with Quilted Maple drawer fronts.

2012 Hancrafting Furniture Class List

We are excited to announce the 2012 Handcrafting Furniture Class schdeule.

Live Edge Bed Class
March: Tuesday 20th, Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th

Live Edge Bed


Company Profile: River City Bicycles

River City Bicycles

Dave Guettler, founder of River City Bicycles, opened the doors to his shop 15 years ago. According to Dave, he opened his shop because "as a cycling enthusiast, I wanted to build the store from the perspective of an enthusiast, I wanted to give them a store they'd be really excited to walk into."

Christina Dining Chair

Christina Dining Chair

Fresh on the floor are the Christina Dining Chairs shown in Cherry with Starburst Blue fabric from Kravet. The Christina Dining Chair looks great with our Jost Dining Table.

Process Overview: Live Edge Bed

Process photos of the Live Edge Bed:

Live Edge Bed

Live Edge Headboard glued up & drying in the Clamp Rack.


Home & Garden Show

Home & Garden Show

We are excited to display our furniture in the Devolution exhibit by Oswego Design & Remodeling at the Portland Home & Garden Show this week. The event is hosted at the Portland Expo Center February 22nd - 26th from 11am - 8pm Wednesday - Friday, Saturday from 10am - 8pm, & Sunday from 10am - 6pm.

Design Trend - Brick & Wood

A current design trend in the industry is pairing Brick with wooden accents & furniture.

Brick Wall Interior

(Picture posted from Archimover)

Because brick has a warm golden or reddish undertone, Cherry and Walnut are fantastic accent choices.

Tansu Cabinet


Fresh on the floor is our Tansu Cabinet in Cherry right alligned. Our Tansu is a traditional Asian piece with numerous drawers and doors. We especially love the dovetail detail and plinth base. For more information about our Tansu click here.

Joinery Technique - Mortise & Tenon

Mortise & Tenon

Mortis and Tenon is a traditional woodworking technique used to join two piece of lumber at a 90 degree angle.  Among other products, The Joinery uses mortise & tenon joints when building their dining chairs.   The photograph above shows a dining chair apron tenon which is being inserted into a mortise on the chair leg.