Butcherblock Countertops

We are featured in the Oregon Home Green Living 2011 issue for our environmentally friendly butcherblock countertops. Our butcherblock countertops are available in edge grain and end grain. Click here to see our standard woods that are either FSC ®        certified or locally harvested woods. We use a natural oil finish that is food safe and very durable. For more information on our butcherblock countertops click here.

Butcherblock Countertops

Butcherblock Countertops



Using wooden kitchen worktops

Using wooden kitchen worktops has made it easier to maintain cleanliness in the kitchen area. They are actually stain-free, and it takes no time in regaining their gloss by simply wiping them with damp cloth.

Hi Tonya, I apologize for the

Hi Tonya,

I apologize for the delink of the butcher block. It is not back up and running. Thank you for letting me know. If you have any other questions on our countertops please feel free to email us at info@thejoinery.com


web page offers more info on

web page offers more info on butcher block, click here. and then after clicking tells me I am not authorized. Why offer if you won't allow access? Tonya

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