Meet the Banjo Chair

The Banjo Chair has finally made it’s way all the way through the shop, and we love how it turned out. Based on an antique chair owned by a long time customer, we designed and built a custom chair for him for his hobby, playing the Banjo.

The chair has many parts and employs some fairly elaborate construction techniques, including steam bent portions that took some doing to get right. Here you can see the steaming process, and an attempt gone bad:

After a few tries, we got it right! Here comes the chair through assembly and finish:

And the finished product! We built this chair in ¼ Sawn White Oak and it went through quite the prototyping process before arriving at this finished design. We liked the way it came out so much we have decided to add it to our standard line. Here's a version in cherry that we have on the showroom floor:

For information and quotes on building fully custom pieces like this one, please contact us at 1.800.259.6762 or email to begin the conversation. For pricing information or to order the Banjo Chair click here.



WOW what beautiful

WOW what beautiful lines...AND it looks comfortable as well. Job well done. We need to come and see your newest addition. P.S. love our table...thanks so very much su "-}

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