Please join us for a special “kitchen table” event featuring Nossa Familia Coffee , Steelport Knife Co., and The Joinery. The event will feature samples, product demonstrations and a drawing to win a special gift set.

Saturday, September 23


The Joinery’s Downtown Showroom, 922 SW Yamhill

Most people don’t spend their days thinking about custom furniture. So, when this homeowner wanted to create an inviting dining room where they could gather with friends and family, they knew they needed something special.

They turned to their interior designer, who envisioned a statement piece that would bring warmth and character to the space. Together, they came up with the idea for a live-edge Western Walnut dining table that could seat twelve guests.

And, when the designer relayed the dream, we knew exactly who to contact for this special project — one of our local Western Walnut suppliers, Dave, who has been in the lumber industry since the 1970’s and has been providing the Joinery with “lumber with a story” for decades.

Walnut Tree

Dave had slabs from a beautiful walnut tree, that was felled in Spring of 2009, that were perfect for the project. In fact, we used slabs from this tree in projects over a decade ago, and fortunately there were a few left.

When the boards arrived in our woodshop the client approved the layout and the new custom drawing, and our team then went to work.

Tree before milling


Our craftsman, Jon, transformed these book-matched slabs into what you see. A custom Live-Edge Western Walnut top with a modified Whitman-style base, adorned with twelve Eastern Walnut Klamath Stacking Chairs, by one of our talented chair-makers, Brian.

Klamath chair process

Once delivered we were so excited to see the pictures of the pieces placed in their new home. We appreciate being able to bring this vision to life for the interior designer and their client.

This custom book matched Western Walnut table can seat twelve of our customer’s closest friends and family, and it does so comfortably. The client’s biggest concerns were legroom and being able to fully push in all 12 chairs. We started out with our standard Whitman style base and redesigned it to fit our customer’s needs and knees.

The finished product is a stunning dining set that perfectly reflects our customers' dream: a comfortable and inviting space where they can host their loved ones for years to come.

If you're looking for a custom piece of furniture that tells a story, we'd love to help you tell yours—call, email, or come in today.

The Joinery downtown showroom

A great deal of effort is being made to revitalize Downtown Portland this summer, including many fun events near our Yamhill Showroom, with a particular focus on Director Park right next to us. See the event schedule below, as well as cool retail shops and restaurants within a few blocks of our Downtown Showroom. Be sure to stop by and say hi – we are open daily from 10.00-4.30. 

Downtown Portland Map of some of our favorites


  1. Pioneer Courthouse Square
  2. Director's Park
  3. Portland Farmer's Market at Shemanski Park 
    • Every Wednesday thru end of October
  4. West End Wednesdays


  1. Pendleton
  2. Kinokuniya
  3. Orox Leather
  4. Amity Artisan Goods
  5. Kiriko Made
  6. SaySay Boutique
  7. Crafty Wonderland
  8. Event Cosmetics
  9. Woonwinkel


  1. Case Study Coffee
  2. Abbey Creek Vineyard - The Crick PDX
  3. Mucca Pizzeria
  4. Ramen Ryoma
  5. Tanaka- Katsu Sandwhich shop
  6. Addy's Sandwich Bar
  7. The Daily Feast
  8. Taylor Street Kitchen
  9. Shigezo Izakya

We are very excited to feature products from Tropical Salvage in our showrooms starting this month. Tropical Salvage is a fantastic company that shares The Joinery’s values of using business to address the global environmental crisis.

Tropical Salvage was founded 27 years ago to address the global environmental problems caused by the logging – both legal and illegal – of tropical rainforests in Indonesia. Tropical Salvage does not use lumber from any trees that have been cut down. Rather, the company salvages all of its material from trees that have already fallen from a variety of factors, including volcanic eruptions and landslides. Tropical Salvage maintains chain of custody throughout the salvage process, with their employees conducting the salvage operations. The company provides competitive wages and benefits for its employees, and leads reforestation projects in Indonesia to restore tropical forests.

Tropical Salvage Partnership with The Joinery

The Joinery is thrilled to have partnered with Roosevelt High School to provide a paid internship program, with our first intern Peyton “graduating” this month.

The Joinery internship program with Roosevelt high school

Shortly after The Joinery relocated to St. Johns in late 2019, we began conversations with the Roosevelt High School faculty. We were excited to join the neighborhood and wanted to explore ways we could collaborate with the school. That was in January 2020, and we all know the story of what happened next. Needless to say, we put this on the back burner for awhile as we all worked through the challenges of COVID.

We restarted the dialogue last year, which led to our paid internship program. Roosevelt has a fantastic Shop program, led by James Duckwell, with over 200 students in its program. We interviewed four enthusiastic students at the beginning of the year who were selected by the Roosevelt staff to apply for our internship.

The Joinery internship program with Roosevelt highschool

We were excited to bring Peyton on board as our first intern. She spent her 12-week internship in our Finishing department, learning the ins and outs of oiling, cuffing and sanding. She also shadowed a Craftstperson in the Shop to see the process of building furniture, and spent time with other departments to get a sense of how other important facets of the business work.

Peyton graduated from the internship this month (as well as earning her high school diploma!). Thanks Peyton! We wish you all the best in your bright future, and look forward to continuing the program with a new student when school starts back up in the Fall.

Join us for an Artist Reception Friday, June 9th , 5-8PM at our Downtown Portland Showroom, featuring light appetizers and beverages.

RSVP here.

The Joinery artist reception

About the artist

Standing wool wall hangings are freeform fiber sculptures. These pieces are created by stitching together coils of felt. Each piece has a hanging loop on the back for easy installation.

Amy Reader is a fiber and installation artist currently living and working in Portland, OR. She graduated with honors from the University of Richmond in May of 2015 where she studied studio art and education. In her senior year, she created a collaborative crochet installation called the #100womenproject which is her largest installation to date. That year she also received the Capital One Merit Award for Excellence in Studio Art.

Our Shop team has been busy this Spring and some stunning pieces have just moved into our Showrooms. With over a hundred pieces on display between both locations, there are too many to feature them online, and so we chose a few of our favorites to highlight below. 

Click here to set up an appointment at either our Downtown Portland or St. Johns Showrooms, or call us at (503) 788-8547 if you are interested in a particular piece. 

Pacific Entry table

Pacific Entry Table in Western Walnut, built by Jeff. Available at St. Johns showroom

The Joinery is excited once again to be partnering again with students enrolled in the Architecture and Design program at Sabin-Schellenberg, a professional technical high school serving the North Clackamas school district, to showcase and auction their innovative creations made from scrap lumber donated by The Joinery. Students will use industry leading 3D modeling software and digital manufacturing equipment to convert scrap wood into consumer products such as puzzles, lamps, and artwork. 

Student Work project

The Joinery bedframes

As the unexpected snowy weather hit Portland at the end of February this year, we thought about some of our favorite bedroom vignettes that we would love to curl up in to watch the snow fall. See below for more details on each of these styles and the pieces we paired with them. 


4 artists, 4 media, all about celebrating the harbinger of spring: Spring is a time of rejuvenation and renewal in the Pacific Northwest, as we shed the wet chill of winter and burst forth with new life. There is no better embodiment of spring than the cherry blossom, a delicate and ephemeral flower that blooms in resplendent pink, igniting in us the hope of rebirth.