2016 Color Trends Lookbook

Colorhouse paint released it's new 2016 Color Trends Lookbook featuring The Joinery's Whitman nightstand. Quiet colors that whisper welcome to the New Year.


AIR .07 is a hue that sits between pink and purple, both colors that typically suggest youth and femininity. However, when a touch of grey fuses these two hues together, a sophisticated, androgynous color emerges. We are seeing a shift from hard lines to soft edges in our views on sexuality and gender. AIR .07 reflects this new openness through the embrace of a complex simplicity and a beauty in being.

We are Colorhouse

Founded in 2005 by two artists who wanted to make healthier paint with better color, Colorhouse has proven that beautiful design and green products can go hand in hand. With NO VOCs (volatile organic compounds), NO reproductive toxins, NO toxic fumes/ HAPs-free, and NO chemical solvents, Colorhouse paint is helping to make the world more colorful and less volatile!