April 2011

When pieces with particularly unique and striking lumber comes through our shop, chances are that it won’t last long before it finds a new home. Case in point - our Live Edge dining table in Western Walnut. Shown below this dining table was sold off of the showroom floor before we even had a chance to post it online.

Live Edge Dining Table

Note the high figure and distinctive live edge.

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Our handcrafting furniture classes are just around the corner. The first class is on May 7th and 8th. Rather than purchasing our Modern Simple Bed, work with us to build it yourself with one of our Master Craftsmen, Ariel Enriquez.

Handcrafted Furniture Classes


MODERN SIMPLE BED CLASS: May 7th & 8th  8:00 am - 4:30 pm; click here for class details and to sign up.


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This week our Pacific Writing Desk in Madrone is fresh on the showroom floor. After our recent blog 'The History of Madrone' we wanted to showcase a beautifully crafted piece that highlights all of the color variations that Madrone has to offer.

Pacific Writting Desk in Madrone

Most craftsmen cringe at the thought of working with Pacific Madrone as it is known for its firmness and typically used for firewood; The Joinery took on the challenge many years back! Our Pacific Madrone lumber is sourced from a company called Sustainable NW.Click here to check out their website. Pacific Madrone grows on the west coast ranging from San Diego up through Vancouver Island. Shown below, a Pacific Madrone tree with the bark peeling back which showcases the variation of layers.

Pacific Madrone

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In 1947, Neil B. Kelly created his own remodeling company with just $100 in his pocket; today, the company is recognized nationally with locations in: Portland, Eugene, Lake Oswego, and Bend. They are known for their innovative design, craftsmanship, and using green sustainable products with a specialty focus on cabinetry and countertops. Neil Kelly's mission is very similar to The Joinery's concept which makes them one of our favorite companies right here in Portland. 

Michael and Liam


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We have our elegant Modern 7-Drawer Dresser fresh on the floor this week.

Modern 7-Drawer Dresser

The combination of Western Walnut with the dresser's stainless steel pulls is particularly striking and beautiful.

If you've stopped into our showroom recently you might have noticed the adorable little green plants that we have accenting our furniture. These are air plants, also known as Tillandsia.


Air plants are epiphytes which means that they don't need soil to grown, instead they absorb water and nutrients through their leaves.

We have a dashing Western Walnut Siskiyou Entry Table that’s fresh on the floor this week. The table has a gorgeous stripe of sapwood down the center giving it an incredibly unique look.

Lately we've been doing some refreshing and reorganizing in the showroom in anticipation of spring (which we hope is just around the corner!). We now have a new set of Tufenkian Rugs in a whole range of colors and patterns from gentle pastels to deep and rich earth tones. Some of our favorites include:

Tufenkian Carpet