Artful and practical bread boards

Nothing brings a smile quicker than delicious aromas from the kitchen. A home cooked meal can’t be accomplished without the right tools. Every chef will tell you a good knife is nothing without a good board to use it on. Bread boards are a signature item at The Joinery and add functionality, warmth and a homey look to any kitchen.

Bread boards get more beautiful with time, especially if they are well made and cared for. The handcrafted durability of The Joinery bread boards will be valued for generations and often are displayed proudly like a work of art.

When selecting a bread board, first consider your needs. How much counter space do you have? Every kitchen should have at least one large cutting surface to give you ample space to work with. Small bread boards are also convenient for clean-up, cutting small things quickly and even as presentation boards for cheese, fruit and garnishes.

Types of Wood Bread Boards

The Joinery offers two types of bread boards, both priced at $60, perfect for wedding gifts, birthdays and to treat yourself:

The practical Edge-grain comes in several beautiful wood species to match your kitchen decor, with availability differing throughout the year. Typically our bread boards are available in locally harvested Western Walnut, Eastern Walnut and Forestry Stewardship Council, FSC, certified Cherry.


We also offer the artful live-edge bread boards. This playful bread board is available in locally harvested Western Walnut and is often left out on the counter as it’s too beautiful to put away.

Care and Maintenance

Wooden cutting boards need to be kept clean and daily maintenance is often a good scrub with hot soapy water after using. Do not soak your boards or any other wooden utensils in water or they'll crack and warp. Do not put your bread board in the dishwasher.

Use butcher block conditioner or food grade mineral oil when the surface looks dry.

To eliminate garlic, onion, fish, or other smells from your cutting board rub a cut lemon over the surface of the cutting board to neutralize odors.

Buy the best wood bread board you can buy, care for it and we hope it will be used often for many delicious home cooked meals. Any foodie will love a chef-worthy bread board for generations to come.