Juniper & Gin: a party in support of Sustainable Northwest, Sept. 10th.

If you want a taste of one of the most exhilarating sustainability crusades in the country, we can tell you this: it tastes a lot like gin. You can sample it for yourself this Thursday, Sept. 10, during the Juniper & Gin BBQ hosted by Sustainable Northwest — a truly innovative non-profit which lately has made Juniper do some amazing things for local communities besides flavor their Tanqueray.

At The Joinery, adhering to our ideals of making furniture from renewable, non-threatened wood species would be a lot harder without the presence of Sustainable Northwest. As part of its commitment to finding workable solutions to natural resource issues that mutually benefit people, nature and rural communities, Sustainable Northwest supports many small mills and stocks much of their output at its southeast Portland lumberyard.

That’s become a key resource for us in hand-selecting some of our most expressive pieces of madrone, maple, Oregon white oak and other renewal wood harvests.

Lately, Sustainable Northwest has been partnering with rural communities and mills to salvage the regions invasive juniper. Juniper’s rampant growth has been lowering the water table and pushing out other native plants and wildlife in several areas of the Northwest. The organization’s efforts are not only repairing the landscape and protecting the livelihoods of farmers and ranchers — they are bringing job opportunities to economically fragile regions and, a little way down the supply chain, making some splendid juniper furniture available to our customers.

We’re donating one of those pieces — a juniper butterfly bench with contrasting western walnut butterflies — to the party’s impressive silent auction. We don't often get the chance to make our beautiful furniture out of juniper, so this custom piece was special! 

The auction features some spectacular tours and trips — such as a seven-day excursion up the Columbia and Snake rivers and a San Diego sailing adventure — as well as many locally made products in addition to our own. 

More good reasons to come to the party: fabulous barbecue. A great bluegrass band. Local beer and wine. And the best of the juniper berry in the form of Sustainable Northwest’s signature gin cocktail.

The party takes place at the Sustainable Northwest Wood distribution warehouse, 2701 SE 14th Avenue, Portland. Free parking is plentiful, and while you’re there you can tour the lumberyard and see the selection that makes our own woodworkers’ mouths water.

It all goes to benefit one of area’s most creative and effective environmental groups, so order your tickets for the Sept. 10th party right here. From mixing a great cocktail to turning environmental challenges into economic opportunities, Sustainable Northwest it's the berries!