Metro Sofa: beneath the fabric, its fiber is 100% Joinery

In the hands of our master craftsmen, wood is truly as beautiful as it's cut out to be. No surprise then that The Joinery is prone to present its furniture au naturel, with nothing obscuring the warmth and unique character of every cut of wood.  

But as our Metro Sofa demonstrates, our furniture looks pretty spectacular dressed to the nines, too.

Gorgeously and painstakingly tailored with any of 12 standard fabrics and hundreds of custom options, the Metro Sofa begins with a classic Modern design and sleigh base in one of six available wood species. It’s handcrafted from start to finish at our woodshop in Portland, Oregon. While so much of today’s furniture takes advantage of fabric to hide a multitude of shortcuts and false economies, the Metro Sofa is as beautiful and durable under the surface as every warranted-for-life, bare wood piece of furniture we make. Sit down and you can feel The Joinery’s DNA in your — and its — bones.

The tight back, wide arms and low profile of this sofa pair well with vintage or mid-century pieces — or, of course, with other pieces from The Joinery’s Metro line. Because it’s visually stunning from all sides, it’s the perfect showpiece for an open floor plan.

The version pictured here is currently on display at our downtown Portland showroom at 922 SW Yamhill, features a striking felted wool fabric, in dark gray. You can see it in other fabrics and in closer detail on our website here or drop into our Woodstock store to peruse our complete library of fabric options.

One thing you can be sure: the Metro Sofa would be unmistakably of Joinery quality, even without a stitch on.