Our new Milo Bar Cart: a movable feast for the eyes


To turn the tables on Joni Mitchell, there’s a time in life when car wheels turn to cart wheels — which is right around the time that your guests arrive and the party begins. And when you roll in with The Joinery’s new Shaker-inspired Milo Bar Cart, you’ll drink up the oohs and aahs like a slow sip of a shaken, not stirred gin martini.

We challenged The Joinery’s designers and woodworkers to create a bar cart that’s not only Aston-Martin beautiful, but that’s worthy of being warranted for 100,000 miles or a lifetime of use, whichever comes first. The result is a showpiece of the simple yet elegant details that define master craftsmanship. And of course, we’ll customize this instant classic for you and your decor by giving you a variety of wood species and nickel or brass accents to choose from.

You’ll not only spend many a “happy hour” behind the wheels of the Milo Bar Cart — it’s just as functional for brunch and dinner service, liberating you from juggling plates and glasses twixt kitchen and table. From elegant soiree to everyday service, this is a modern-day woodie worthy of doing cartwheels over. Cheers! 

See the Milo Bar Cart at the downtown Portland showroom at 922 SW Yamhill. 

The Joinery Milo Bar Cart