Signal Shed, Joseph Oregon

Ryan Lingard, a Portland architect (with Paul McKean Architecture), and friend of The Joinery, was featured in Sunset Magazine's August issue with his wife Mariah, and we are so inspired by their amazing 130 square foot  space. Simplicity, resourcefulness and calm energy reign supreme in their weekend cabin. Together Ryan and Mariah designed and built this off-the-grid structure on a steep slice of land overlooking the stunning Lake Wallowa, outside of  Joseph, Oregon. Many of the materials were sourced with minimizing footprint in mind, and all the work was done by the two of them, with some aid with the labor from friends and family. The road leading to their property is an unpaved fire road, and all their material needed to be brought up the steep property by human power. They are spending their time here with a  no electricity, a simple outdoor shower that collects rainwater, a wood stove for heat, and did it all for under $10,000. Theirs is an inspiring tale of willpower and conviction and sticking to your dreams...with style...on a budget!





See more photos of the Signal Shed at Sunset Magazine here. You can check out the plans for the structure here.