companies we love

companies we love

Goby Walnut is located just outside the Northwest Portland industrial district, and most of their lumber comes from within 100 miles of their shop.  Their material is sourced solely from hazard or salvaged trees – those that need to be cleared either because they present a hazard, or because the land is being converted to another use.  The source is predominantly from urban areas, and does not impact valuable forestland.

.Goby Walnut owners Art and Aaron

Ordinarily this material would be considered waste or sold for pulp. Goby instead upcycles it to higher value uses. We are happy to partner with a local company that provides us with fantastic material sourced from – sometimes literally – our own backyards. It allows us to build furniture that fulfills our lifetime warranty, ensuring that each tree has a second life that can rival the length of the first.

Portland is the epicenter of DIY culture, and we've got insider tips from the best DIY-ers in town. Zines are historically self-published booklets usually produced in small batches on a low budget. Travel Portland has chosen to celebrate the medium honoring Portland’s history as a leader in zine publishing and allow visitors to explore the city’s shops, restaurants, bars and events through the eyes of local artists.

Entryways today are the vestiges of a once great empire. 

In both design and decor the entryway can and should be the preamble for everything to come. Whether your idea for a great introduction is the first four notes of Beethoven’s Ninth or Keith Richard’s opening guitar riff in “Satisfaction,” your entryway can be the tone-setter for your tastes and habits and time of year.

Cloud City Ice Cream is one of our favorite companies on Woodstock and this past summer we were excited to be able to create a cash register/ iPad stand made from Western Walnut. The company hand makes amazing ice cream including Black Currant Tea, Lemon with Black Pepper-Marionberry Jam and traditional favorites such as Pistachio. Stop by their store and see the stand for yourself and enjoy a great scoop or two of ice cream. Read more about them on their Facebook page  hereBelow are some photos of their custom stand. If you would like a custom project like this please feel free to call us at 503.788.8547 or contact us here.

Cloud City Ice Cream

Krown Lab is a Portland based company made up of designers and engineers who create and manufacture architectural hardware for residential and commercial interior spaces. Before their creative process begins, Krown Lab focuses on sourcing their products within the region and supporting the local economy, building a strong foundation for their business. Fine craftsmanship, superior quality, and timeless design are the core of every Krown Lab creation. For more information, please visit their website here.

Doug and Christine, owners of  Everybody's Brewing, was kind enough to donate The Joinery beer for our 30th anniversary party in June.  We had both their Goodwill IPA and their Daily Bread Common Ale on tap, both of which are very delicious.  They are located in White Salmon, WA in the heart of the Columbia River Gorge and they craft their beer on site and feature a wonderful menu full of seasonal, local ingredients.

Everybody's Brewery


Gunther Keil, the artist behind Wild Apples, was raised in Berlin and as a self-taught woodworker, his toys reflect his German toy-making traditions. He currently lives in central New York on a 55 acre farm where he enjoys raising sheep and bees. Gunther started making wooden toys over 30 years ago and his work has been shown in the Smithsonian, American Craft and Toy Museums world wide.

We especially love that he harvests his own trees on his land to create all of his crafts. For more information about Wild Apples, click here. Here are a few of our favorites from their company:

Noah's Ark

Noah's Ark

B Corp

We are happy to be a part of the B Corp Organization who use the power of business to solve social & environmental problems. B Corp is an organization that brings small businesses together to provide networking opportunities & help market small businesses in their own industry. We love supporting local businesses as well as businesses who provide sustainable practices. B Corp helps bring small businesses together that supports the same concept! To read about our brief B Corp profile, click here. For more information about B Corp's organization, click here.


Motawi Tileworks was founded in 1992 by, Nawal Motwai. Nawal was inspired by the Arts & Crafts movement at Pewabic Pottery. Their designs were influenced by Ernest Batchelder & Frank Lloyd Wright from the Arts & Crafts era. Nawal infused their influences and created her own style. We love their handcrafting technique and amazing craftsmanship.

Here are some Holiday gift ideas from Motawi Tileworks:

Japanese Lantern - Red Tile

Motawi Tileworks

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