Meet The Small Businesses Turning Karma Into Cash

Shoppers typically make purchasing decisions based on the quality of a brand’s product and its price. But a third factor – a brand’s “purpose” – has emerged as equally influential. Roughly 84 percent of consumers say they try to consider a company’s social and environmental pledges before they buy or shop, according to a 2015 Cone Communications Study.


“Consumers are more educated about the marketplace,” says Kate Zabriskie, consultant and founder of Business Training Works, Inc. “And the brands they choose are often a reflection of who they are, and they vote with their wallets. Businesses are recognizing this.”

Entrepreneurs: Driving A New Era Of Clean, Green Change

During a panel discussion held March 1st at the Joinery, a group of small business owners, startup executives and a developer grappled with the entrepreneurial challenges and opportunities of sustainability: how to define the term, obstacles to implementation and the need to catalyze a bold new era of clean, green leadership in Oregon.

Swirling about the lively, thought-provoking discussion were the specters of two disparate public sector crises: revelations about air pollution hot spots and the Super Tuesday election returns, which streamed in over the course of the evening.

CEO Jon Blumenauer offered up a simple, compelling definition of sustainability: “Enough, for all, forever.”


Hand-made vs Machine-made Rugs

The difference in price between handmade and machine-made rugs can be large, and it causes many people to opt for the cheaper machine-made variety. They argue that machine-made rugs look exactly the same as handmade despite coming with a much smaller price tag. But price isn’t the only factor setting handmade and machine-made rugs apart. They differ greatly in composition as well, displaying differences in quality of materials as well as craftsmanship. The following breakdown of each type’s production and composition demonstrates the superiority handmade rugs offer compared to machine-made rugs.

Production Process

The Entrepreneurial Challenge of Sustainability

Built Oregon, Oregon Business magazine and The Joinery are pleased to jointly present this special Portland event,

Bridging the past, present and future of inclusive...           


Spoil Your Sweetheart Event

Spoil your sweetheart at The Joinery this Valentine’s season. Join French Quarter Linens and Oregon Home Magazine and learn the fine art of layering your bed with exquisite linens. Hands on demonstrations of how to make a proper bed, chocolate tastings from Verdun Fine Chocolates, flowers from Spellbound, wine tastings from A to Z Wineworks and sip a passion fruit inspired Valentine’s cocktail. Pick up a unique Valentine’s gift for your loved one and get inspired to sweeten up your space. It's one stop shopping for Valentine's inspiration.


Shop Talk with the Portland Business Alliance

Shop Talk is your opportunity to have an exclusive inside look at different Portland Business Alliance member companies. Join 20-30 fellow Alliance members to “talk shop” over coffee and a light breakfast. The event features open networking, member introductions, a brief host presentation and a door-prize drawing.


Design Week Portland 2016 - Challenges facing sustainable designers

Save the date! Join Design Museum Portland for a UNITE discussion event. Panelists from SERA Architects, Looptworks and The Joinery will discuss sustainability as a design principle. YR & G will moderate this lively discussion and include audience participation. We'll cover themes such as the challenges with sustainable design, sourcing materials, upcycling, and reusing materials. UNITE is Design Museum Portland's evening discussion series which explores themes at the intersection of Design and just about everything else. Join us for local wines and tasty bites.


Oregon White Oak

The Joinery is proud to announce a partnership with Zena Forest Products to source local Oregon White Oak. We strive to utilize lumber from local sources and that which is certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council. Through our partnership with Zena, we accomplish both.

Ben Deumling started Zena Forest Products in 2007 at age 25.  He wanted to find a better outlet for the logs from Zena Forest than the big industrial sawmills, where prices were low and good management practices were not appreciated or rewarded.   Zena Forest Products is now able to process logs onsite into finished flooring, furniture and cabinet stock, as well as a wide variety of other custom products.           

Portland Art Museum Rental Gallery Winter Picks

The Joinery's downtown Portland location is host to several new pieces of art from the Portland Art Museum. Portland is a mecca for art, design, fashion and the "maker" community. At The Joinery, we seek to build bridges to our community of creatives and we're proud to announce our continued collaboration with the Portland Art Museum Rental Sales Gallery. We feature local artists in our downtown showroom and change out the pieces each season. 

Seventy Poplars | Scott Hoyle | 30.00 x 23.00 | Photography


The Joinery Story


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