Woodstock businesses "Give Back", in charity-based promotion

Instead of an event-based project, like a street fair or parade, this year the Woodstock Community Business Association (WCBA) dedicated Sunday, September 13th, to an unusual promotion they called “Woodstock Gives Back: A Coordinated Day of Giving”.

DAVID F. ASHTON - Friends of Trees Deputy Director Brighton West, here with the organizations mascot, stood outside The Joinery. This company builds sustainable furniture, using wood, West pointed out. The idea is, when you buy a piece of their furniture it lasts for a lifetime or more; so it’s definitely not a waste of a tree. Friends of Trees benefited that day from any sales in the store.

At last count, about 28 Woodstock-area businesses set out to raise funds and create increased awareness for the charity or nonprofit of their choice. Participating businesses also offered sales and coupons as a draw for customers.


Save The Date: Maker Mixer October 1st!

In honor of the 2nd installment of our award winning Design Annual, Portland Monthly has teamed up with The Joinery to celebrate (in our hand-built new downtown location) the movers and shakers shaping the design industry in Portland. Slated for October's 1st Thursday, the party will bring together design leaders, supporters, educators and creative influencers for a toast and opportunity to bask in the innovation coming out of our great city.

Featuring oyster + Laphroaig pairings, Boy and Bean tunes and 300 of Portland’s most influential right-brainers, it’s a party not to be missed! 

PoMo Oyster Social

To whet your appetite… A bountiful cheese board, autumn crudités and fresh Pacific oysters, hand shucked, dressed in fine accompaniments and eaten out of hand.

•          Netarts Nevor oysters on the half-shell


Addressing the minimum wage is good for Oregon workers and businesses

Far from spending a spare moment browsing for beautiful furniture, too many of our fellow Oregonians are scraping together the resources for their weekly groceries. For this month’s rent. For child care, or an unexpected appliance repair. Some of our hardest-working neighbors can be holding down multiple jobs and still find themselves among the 16% of Oregonians living in poverty or the 37% who are incapable of paying for essential living expenses without assistance.

In terms of buying power, the national minimum wage peaked in 1968 and has been losing ground ever since, leading to record levels of income inequality that experts believe threatens our economy. We at The Joinery believe that a failure to tackle this issue hurts both businesses and our most vulnerable citizens alike.

We know this is a complex issue. Businesses that raise wages unilaterally are at a competitive disadvantage, so such increases need to be mandated and enforced across the board. At the same time, regions within the state vary greatly in their economies and resources, and thus should be allowed to craft their own minimum wage policies — which is not the case today.


Speakers to talk about B Corporations, sustainable economy

The Center for Earth Leadership will host a presentation in Portland in October regarding the pursuit of a sustainable economy and society.

Tuesday, Oct. 6, at 7 p.m. at Stoel Rives law firm, 900 S.W. Fifth Ave., Suite 2600, in downtown Portland, will present a view from inside two of Oregon’s B Corporations (businesses specifically operated to pursue a positive impact on society and the environment).

Brandon Hill, director of operations at Bamboo Sushi, will speak along with Jon Blumenauer, owner of The Joinery.

Bamboo Sushi is the first independent restaurant in the United States to be certified by the Marine Stewardship Council for its devotion to using sustainable seafood, while the Joinery only builds furniture with sustainable wood.

Together, the two will provide a glimpse into how businesses make decisions to serve employees, the community, and the environment, in addition to the bottom line.


Just once a year, The Joinery lets slip a certain 4-letter word.

Our customers swear by the quality, lifelong durability and sheer beauty of our handcrafted hardwood furniture. So once a year we turn the tables — along with the chairs, beds, and bookcases — with an exclamation of our own:



Juniper & Gin: a party in support of Sustainable Northwest, Sept. 10th.

If you want a taste of one of the most exhilarating sustainability crusades in the country, we can tell you this: it tastes a lot like gin. You can sample it for yourself this Thursday, Sept. 10, during the Juniper & Gin BBQ hosted by Sustainable Northwest — a truly innovative non-profit which lately has made Juniper do some amazing things for local communities besides flavor their Tanqueray.

At The Joinery, adhering to our ideals of making furniture from renewable, non-threatened wood species would be a lot harder without the presence of Sustainable Northwest. As part of its commitment to finding workable solutions to natural resource issues that mutually benefit people, nature and rural communities, Sustainable Northwest supports many small mills and stocks much of their output at its southeast Portland lumberyard.

That’s become a key resource for us in hand-selecting some of our most expressive pieces of madrone, maple, Oregon white oak and other renewal wood harvests.


A few side notes about end tables.

Since we recently set down a few rules of thumb for picking the perfect coffee table, a natural sequel is an entrée to end tables, a.k.a., occasional tables.

Of course, there’s certainly no end to the array of end table styles available to you, from gossamer-slender to tree-trunk solid; from rococo-ornate to Shaker-simple. You can select them as complements or counterpoints to the furniture they adjoin. They can be restrained and functional or an art form in themselves. You can purchase end tables and coffee tables as a matched set or give yourself the fun of fretting over an eclectic medley.

But amid all this subjectivity there are a few rules to keep in mind — so at least when and if you break those rules you do so intentionally.

Annual Architect & Designer Event

Please join us at our downtown flagship store to celebrate the debut of our 2015 catalog, featuring gorgeous vignettes and new product designs.

Our catalog is the only thing we make that isn’t designed for a lifetime of viability. Come see what’s new and celebrate another year of partnership and possibilities.

Join us for appetizers and drinks from fellow B Corps, including Sokol Blosser, A to Z and Hopworks, as well as a specialty New Deal cocktail and a drawing for a door prize.

Time: Thursday, Sept. 10th. 5-7 p.m.

Place: The Joinery, 922 S.W. Yamhill St.


The Joinery to partner with Friends of Trees

We’re all Friends of Trees in a way. From Portland’s green canopy, to our yards where they offer a place to climb or hang a hammock to the wood we use to build lasting, multi-generational pieces of furniture, we all love and appreciate trees. Here in the Pacific NW, we are fortunate to have an organization called Friends of Trees, with one mission, to improve the natural world around us by to planting trees…together. 


Help Woodstock give back to the community that supports us

“A man has made a start on discovering the meaning of human life when he plants shade trees under which he knows he will never sit.”

We think that’s a fine reflection on the real riches of giving — so fine, in fact, that The Joinery plans to do just that, both figuratively and literally, as part of Woodstock Gives Back: a day dedicated to local nonprofits by the community of businesses on and about the street where we work.

Throughout Sunday, September 13, 2015, nearly 30 stores and services businesses throughout the Woodstock area will be raising funds and generating awareness for the charity or non-profit of their choice. Portland is widely known for its scores of active and empowered neighborhoods. And as this lively Woodstock event demonstrates, the famous esprit extends to not just to residential neighborhoods, but to businesses as well.