Annual Architect & Designer Event

Please join us at our downtown flagship store to celebrate the debut of our 2015 catalog, featuring gorgeous vignettes and new product designs.

Our catalog is the only thing we make that isn’t designed for a lifetime of viability. Come see what’s new and celebrate another year of partnership and possibilities.

Join us for appetizers and drinks from fellow B Corps, including Sokol Blosser, A to Z and Hopworks, as well as a specialty New Deal cocktail and a drawing for a door prize.

Time: Thursday, Sept. 10th. 5-7 p.m.

Place: The Joinery, 922 S.W. Yamhill St.


The Joinery to partner with Friends of Trees

We’re all Friends of Trees in a way. From Portland’s green canopy, to our yards where they offer a place to climb or hang a hammock to the wood we use to build lasting, multi-generational pieces of furniture, we all love and appreciate trees. Here in the Pacific NW, we are fortunate to have an organization called Friends of Trees, with one mission, to improve the natural world around us by to planting trees…together. 


Help Woodstock give back to the community that supports us

“A man has made a start on discovering the meaning of human life when he plants shade trees under which he knows he will never sit.”

We think that’s a fine reflection on the real riches of giving — so fine, in fact, that The Joinery plans to do just that, both figuratively and literally, as part of Woodstock Gives Back: a day dedicated to local nonprofits by the community of businesses on and about the street where we work.

Throughout Sunday, September 13, 2015, nearly 30 stores and services businesses throughout the Woodstock area will be raising funds and generating awareness for the charity or non-profit of their choice. Portland is widely known for its scores of active and empowered neighborhoods. And as this lively Woodstock event demonstrates, the famous esprit extends to not just to residential neighborhoods, but to businesses as well.


How to make an entrance they won’t forget

Entryways today are the vestiges of a once great empire. 

In both design and decor the entryway can and should be the preamble for everything to come. Whether your idea for a great introduction is the first four notes of Beethoven’s Ninth or Keith Richard’s opening guitar riff in “Satisfaction,” your entryway can be the tone-setter for your tastes and habits and time of year.

Yes, entryways tend to change with the calendar whether you intend them to or not. Whether it’s the footwear on the floor, the coats on the rack, the quality of the light through the windows or the toys your kids stash by the front door — to everything there is a season. At The Joinery, we offer you some beautiful entryway “canvasses” on which to paint your seasonal masterpiece.

Consider these “Fab 5 Fav’s” for giving your entrance a welcoming touch of freshness or seasonality.

Fall into Home with Neil Kelly

Fellow B Corp partner Neil Kelly is kicking off an exciting workshop series! September is a month of transition. There’s change in the air, a hint of color in the hills, and a sense of excitement about a return to familiar places and close company. It’s a time when we turn our attention to home and comfort, in preparation for the coming winter months.

In celebration of this spirit of change and returning to home, Neil Kelly presents Fall Into Home, a month-long series of design and remodeling workshops for Portland-area homeowners. Whether you’re thinking of redesigning your home or simply making it more comfortable and energy efficient, Neil Kelly’s workshops will provide expert information, inspiration and advice to help you get started.

Keeping our wood stocks fresh in Woodstock

By whatever fate finds The Joinery showroom stocking hardwood furniture on a street called Woodstock, it kindles a certain sense of, ahem, mission here. We mean to keep our wood stock fresh and flourishing, appropriate to the season, and with new growth continually bursting forth. So you’re always rewarded for taking a new walk of discovery through our woods.

This month we’ve restocked, rearranged and reimagined the entire showroom to spotlight our newest designs and exhibit some one-of-a-kind showpieces.

Here’s our latest and greatest Woodstock sequel:

We’ve matched our Celilo dining table with our Whitman chairs, both in beautiful oak (there are five other wood species to choose from). The table’s elegant simplicity pair perfectly with the chair’s contemporary re-interpretation of mid-century modern design. Tastefully casual, the combination is the furniture equivalent of a Top Chef recipe for comfort food.

Argyle connects with its past

For Argyle Winery, the project of expanding its tasting room and hospitality facility had a focus on blending the past with the present.

While that intent included retaining the “feel” of the production facility that formerly stood on the Dundee campus, it also extended into a very literal sense of utilizing the same building materials from the old structures, which were carefully deconstructed by crews over the past eight months.

One of the large buildings, home to the crush pad equipment, was built in 2008 and therefore was still in great condition when the project began. With the new plans for the site, though, it wasn’t needed as an indoor space.

“It would have been criminal to tear it down,” Argyle director of sales and marketing Chris Cullina said.

The Joinery built a custom fir table and benches (shown above) from the lumber salvaged from the project.

Caravan Pacific Alberta Lamps

Caravan Pacific's Alberta Lamps are now available at The Joinery. Designed and handcrafted in Portland, these mid-century inspired lamps are made with the same attention to detail and level of craftsmanship as our furniture.

Coffee table talk: Serving up advice.

In many homes it’s the coffee table, even more than the dining table, the wet bar or the kitchen island, that serves as the community center. At various times it can be library and snack bar, display space and conversational hub. It’s certainly a centerpiece in most living rooms, and as such acts as a kind of first violinist, setting the tone for the surrounding “orchestra.”

The Joinery Celilo Coffee Table

Knotty But Oh So Nice: the Fiber Arts of Holly Mueller

Holly Mueller was already an accomplished seamstress and textile designer when she ran across an old book on macrame from the ‘70s and — voila! — she was hooked. Or rather, hitched. The possibilities of putting a contemporary spin on traditional macrame, using a variety of fibers, materials, plaits, shapes, weaves and dimensions, have been energizing and engaging her ever since.

The Joinery is proud and delighted to showcase Holly’s work in our Yamhill store, where her original wallhangings, window covers and room dividers are just as apt to take a visitor’s breath away as the craft of our own master woodworkers.

Holly Mueller