Our Singular Sale: first of its kind in every way!

We’re often building prototypes of designs, pursuing an inspiration, blue-skying an addition to a line. We might then modify it for full production or decide to go in some other direction. These pieces have been scrupulously handmade and are of thoroughbred quality; they just don’t quite fit into our standard furniture family.

Now we’ve collected enough of these one-of-a-kind creations that we’re bundling them together into one big, first-ever “Singular Sale.” For two days only, December 13th and 14th, you can come to our Woodstock showroom and buy something both singular and wonderful at a substantial discount.

These sale items include prototypes of our new case line that we’ll officially introduce this winter – you can sneak a peak and snag a bargain at the same time. Also up for grabs are prototypes of our just-launched Whitman armchair, Celilo chairs and several one-off pieces that we may never build again but that you can enjoy forever.

To those who say there are no degrees of uniqueness, we say come to our Singular Sale and see the most unique pieces to ever wear a Joinery sales tag. Below is just a small sampling of the items available.

Tansu End Table

Detail of Tansu End Table in Maple


Spoons that spoil you

The Joinery is proud to stock an array of handmade utensils from Jonathan's Spoons, whose flame-blacked wild cherry wood designs are a natural complement to The Joinery's own marriage of furniture form and function. Once you've held one of these finely balanced, beautifully finished utensils in your hand, it's hard to go back to the characterless wares from the gadget rack.

Let us show you how much love can go into a pickle fork. A honey stick. A set of salad tongs. Or a cherrywood ladle. All of these item make for thoughtful, much-appreciated, long-lived gifts -- but be warned: the temptation to keep them for your own kitchen is so great you might as well buy a few for yourself while you're here!

The story behind the founding of Jonathan's Spoons makes for good reading, as does their philosophy of making their products as practical as they are beautiful. You can read all about them at Then come in and pick one up to feel the difference. Photos courtesy of Jonathan's Spoons.

Jonathan's Spoons

Life's a bench

The holidays can bring out some rarely seen articles: The silver turkey lifter. The crystal cranberry server. Uncle Roscoe. And all the extra seating you can muster.

Instead of folding chairs and floor cushions, our expanding line of benches offers cost-effective seating alternatives that beautifully compliment your Joinery furniture, hold a passel of kids and a half-passel of sturdy adults, and perform other wonders of overflow accommodation.

So to celebrate the season and satisfy the need, we've just added two new benches to our standard line to augment our traditional Studio Bench: a Live Edge Bench and Shaker Bench. Both are elegantly simple, rugged enough for resist the roughhousing younger set, and beautiful enough to take a place of honor in your home all year long.

And oh yes, they make perfect bleacher seats when Aunt Ida decides it's time for her piano recital. So drop into our showroom, see them for yourself, and resolve that longstanding need for extra seating.

Studio Dining Bench

Studio Dining Bench with the, Modern Sideboard, Studio Dining Chairs and Dining Table in Maple

Rooms for improvement

There's nothing like the imminent arrival of a houseful of visitors to make you see your furniture through new eyes: the dining table that's a tight squeeze for six people...with one mismatched chair. Those cat scratches on the table legs. Or maybe you're just ready to renew your spirits and reward yourself for your holiday hosting with a new piece of furniture that brings admiration from your guests.

Before you go rummaging through the closet for those emergency card tables, come down to The Joinery and check out our rooms full of dining tables, dining sets and other pieces that are ready right now to accommodate your family gatherings in style. After 32 years in the business, we've learned what to stock up when the holidays approach and hosts start having last-minute second thoughts.

Among our best-sellers currently in inventory are the Shaker Extension Dining Table in Cherry, Whitman Extension Dining Table in Eastern Walnut and Cherry, Kyoto Dining Table in Western Walnut, Live Edge Dining Table in Western Walnut and Hochberg Dining Table in Western Walnut and Cherry.

So if you want to sit your guests down to something really delicious this holiday season, step away from the card table. Take a stroll through our showrooms. And see what's in store to save the day. Below are just a few of the dining tables we have in stock. Please call us at 503.788.8547 for information on any other items in stock.

Whitman Dining Table

Whitman Extension Dining Table in Eastern Walnut

Right on the premises

Oregon Tradeswomen, Inc. (OTI) begins with the premise that there are tremendous opportunities open to women within the trades -- from electricians and millwrights to cabinetmakers -- especially when they have access to great education, representation, and advocacy.

That's what brought them to our premises last month, on the invitation of Angela Wright, one of our skilled builders and an energetic volunteer teacher at OTI. Their group toured our wood shop, spent time with our craftspeople, and had an engaging session with CEO Jon Blumenauer.

Over the years, The Joinery has turned many an aspiring apprentice into a master woodworker; in the future we fully expect more talented women to join those ranks. As part of our effort to encourage that coming to pass, we recently donated a part of our hardwood inventory to the OTI-supported Girls Construction Club at Wilson High School -- the raw materials from which we hope to help build some beautiful careers.

Oregon Tradeswomen, Inc. Tour


Serving Up Style 2014

How is this for inspiration? At Serving Up Style 2014, running at the Portland Expo Center from October 2-5, you can see just how different 14 different 12x16’ dining rooms can be. That’s the challenge put to 14 teams of the most talented interior designers, architects, retailers, contractors and artisans in the country.

The Joinery’s furniture will be represented with two of the teams, Staicoff Designs and Portland Community College, so we’re going to be biased! But everybody wins, because this annual event is always great fun, amazingly innovative, invariably mind-expanding – and benefitting a worthy cause, with all proceeds going to Molly’s Fund Fighting Lupus. You can learn more about all the participating teams here.

Serving Up Style 2014 encompasses several other events, including a gala dinner and auction – so we hope to see you at one dining room or the other!

Serving Up Style

Design Week Open House

Once again, The Joinery is excited to be a part of Design Week, held this year from October 4-11. Design Week proves everything you’ve heard about Portland as a mecca of the creative class and a showcase for creative achievement.

Design Week Portland

For us, the showcase itself is part of the allure, because from 4-7 p.m. on October 6th, we’ll be hosting an open house for professionals and the public at our gorgeous new showroom at 922 SW Yamhill in downtown Portland. On hand will be our furniture designer and senior woodworker to step our guests through the design process and time-honored woodworking techniques that make The Joinery’s furniture so distinctively beautiful and well crafted.

Some of our many creative neighbors will be hosting their own open houses at the same time (click here for a survey of all the Design Week open houses). So plan your walking tour accordingly and put The Joinery on your agenda!

Design Week Portland Open House


The Joinery at ShowPDX

ShowPDX  is a biennial exhibit of the best examples of locally crafted furniture that is both innovative and functional. Its ever-growing participation – more than 60 individuals and firms have been selected to exhibit this year – shows that Portland is truly becoming a hotbed of inspired furniture design.

In The Joinery’s case, make that a hotchair and a hotsideboard of design. Because the Show2014 selection committee has chosen our Whitman Dining Chair and the Whitman Sideboard to be among this year’s elite entries.

While all exhibitors are competing for several awards, ShowPDX is primarily about inspiring designers, students and the public at large; fueling collaboration; and showing off this area’s prodigious talents.

Events kick off with a reception Oct.1 at 6 p.m. at 380 N.W. 13th Ave. in Portland, and all pieces will be on display throughout the week. To preview all the entries, click here.

Whitman Sideboard at Show2014

Whitman Sideboard in Eastern Walnut with Polished Brass Knobs


Annual Sale Details

Whitman Dining Table Eastern Walnut

You can call it the Woodstock Wood Stock Sale: 2 weeks of peace, love and rock ’n rolling back prices, like we do only once a year. From now until September 28, we’re offering a 5% discount on all new furniture orders placed online, by phone, or at one of our showrooms.

If you’d prefer built-to-order pieces, we’re offering a 5% discount on those, too. And because orders placed during the sale will be complete before Thanksgiving, you can look forward to having some beautiful new conversation pieces home for the holidays.

To take advantage of the sale online, enter the code sale2014 at checkout.

How much wood would Woodstock stock if Woodstock would stock wood? We invite you to drop in and find out when the doors of our annual sale open the morning of September 13!

The Joinery goes to town

It might have been your favorite place as a kid. And it may well be your favorite place now.

Once occupied by Finnegan’s Toys and Games, the storefront at 922 SW Yamhill in downtown Portland has a new tenant: us!

On August 15, The Joinery christened its new showroom in this beautiful 4300 square foot space. We’re delighted not only to have a downtown presence at last, but also to be part of one of its most vibrant areas. Located directly between the Multnomah County Library and Director Park, our downtown store is within shouting distance of Nordstrom, Pioneer Courthouse Square, the largest food cart pod in the city and too many great restaurants and shops to name. Another mecca of great craftsmanship, The Real Mother Goose, is right across the street.

The Joinery new showroom in Downtown Portland

And getting to our front door couldn’t be easier: Max and the Portland Streetcar both get you within steps of our front door, and there’s abundant and inexpensive parking right across the street. We have many beautiful room vignettes on display, so don’t be surprised if you feel like – well, a kid in a toy store.

Even though we are leaving our options open for a permanent downtown address, the immediate availability of this space was too tempting to pass up. We’ll be here at least through the New Year, so the next time you’re in the city center, we invite you to drop in, unwind, and take a refreshing walk through our woods.