Artful and practical bread boards

Nothing brings a smile quicker than delicious aromas from the kitchen. A home cooked meal can’t be accomplished without the right tools. Every chef will tell you a good knife is nothing without a good board to use it on. Bread boards are a signature item at The Joinery and add functionality, warmth and a homey look to any kitchen.

Bread boards get more beautiful with time, especially if they are well made and cared for. The handcrafted durability of The Joinery bread boards will be valued for generations and often are displayed proudly like a work of art.

When selecting a bread board, first consider your needs. How much counter space do you have? Every kitchen should have at least one large cutting surface to give you ample space to work with. Small bread boards are also convenient for clean-up, cutting small things quickly and even as presentation boards for cheese, fruit and garnishes.

Types of Wood Bread Boards

The Joinery offers two types of bread boards, both priced at $60, perfect for wedding gifts, birthdays and to treat yourself:

Check out the fine finish on our new home.

Last fall, The Joinery went out on a limb and, well, branched out: We opened a second showroom, in downtown Portland at 922 SW Yamhill. When we decided this year to enter into a long-term lease to make this our flagship showroom, we committed to making it a very thoughtful representation of who we are and how we work.

The space was a total team effort. Our in-house Design team worked with Firm 151 and R&H Construction to create the floor plan and design elements, then we turned our team of skilled craftspeople loose. Every woodworker at The Joinery had a hand in building at least one permanent design element. From the custom whitewashed reclaimed fir and western walnut reception desk to the custom rift sawn white oak kitchen – our craftsmen displayed their talents and proudly left their mark.

The materials used in many architectural elements include 1890’s axe-cut fir beams salvaged from a barn in Aurora, OR, locally harvested Western Walnut from Goby Walnut, and locally harvested, FSC-certified Pacific albus.

Colorhouse paint provided the zero VOC wall paint, and Timber Pro the custom-formulated low VOC whitewash. Tufenkian carpets, French Quarter linens and Holly Mueller Home wall hangings lend softness and texture to the industrial space. Make your way back to the conference room for the show stopper: the Western Walnut live edge slab barn door will take your breath away, and features Krownlab barn door hardware.

Thank you to all our partners for their creativity, their energy and their inspiration to help make this space our new home. We’re delighted to be settled into downtown, in a district that’s become a focal point for artists and craftspeople. We’re proud to be a part of it, and invite you to drop in (we’re right on the MAX and Streetcar lines) and see the inspirational environment we’ve created for The Joinery’s hardwood furniture family.


Springtime at The Joinery: Everything’s coming up green awards


Since our founding in 1982, The Joinery has worked to be environmentally responsible and community minded. The impact of those efforts has been good enough to be recently named to the Oregon Business “100 Best Green Companies to Work for in Oregon.” Exactly where The Joinery falls among the 33 companies ranked in the Small Company category won’t be unveiled until May 27, but we are proud to have made the list.  In a state as environmentally progressive as Oregon, this award is particularly welcome.

We are also honored to be named to the B Corporation “Best for the Environment” list for the third consecutive year, honoring those B Corps throughout the world that are doing the most on the environmental front.

Celilo Hall Tree

Celilo Hall Tree: Craftsmanship we can hang our hat on.

The Joinery is celebrating the imminent arrival of spring with the debut of our Celilo Hall Tree, designed by our own Lys Opp-Beckman in consultation with shop foreman and resident master carver Tenzin Wangdu.

The Celilo Hall Tree lets you indulge your spring cleaning impulses by creating a welcoming and refined nest for your outdoor necessities. Its slender suspended coat rack with graceful cast hooks from Sweden hold jackets, hats, scarves, pet leashes, et al. There’s shelf storage for boots and shoes, plus a floating seat that lets you don and remove footwear with no one-footed gymnastics needed.

The prototype for this modern variation on a classic fixture was built by 10-year veteran of The Joinery, Justin Appel, who provided proof-of-concept of some advanced woodworking techniques. The Celilo’s bridle joint design, for example, is a joint-strengthening, exposed joinery technique that allows no room for error during construction. It’s just one of the thoughtful woodworking details that makes this piece of furniture at once minimalistic and deeply refined.

Consider the Celilo Hall Tree as a highly functional focal point for your hallway, entryway or living room. It will let you bring your springtime outerwear out of the closet and make both a fashion and furniture statement at the same time. Everything that we build is warranted for life, you know that it’s, well, built for the long hall. To see this piece for yourself visit our downtown showroom at 922 SW Yamhill St in Portland.

Celilo Hall Tree

Celilo Hall Tree in Eastern Walnut  • $2,700 • 18 deep x 48 wide x 75 high

Introducing the Corbett Line

Our new Corbett case line is  an exquisite contemporary design. The Corbett is designed to bridge both our Contemporary Sleigh and Lorelei beds. The Contemporary Sleigh is distinguished by its large sweeping surfaces and the Lorelei evokes a more airy, Mission style.

The faceted feet are a unifying feature of all three families. Additional elements tie the pieces together: the Corbett’s seamless case body with mitered corners evokes the Sleigh’s large and elegant surface area, while the faceted drawer fronts add a linear quality that complements the vertical lines on the Lorelei’s headboard. These “hyper-controlled” hand-cut drawer fronts, are a true test of virtuosity and are assigned only to our most masterful woodworkers.

We’re excited to debut the Corbett line this month in nightstand and 4- and 6-drawer dresser renditions. All proudly demonstrate how design, technique and hand-selected woods can work together to create a catch-your-breath effect. They are a great reason to drop by our Woodstock showroom and renew your spirits with some inspiring craftsmanship.

Corbett Low 6 Drawer Dresser

Corbett Low 6 Drawer Dresser in Eastern Walnut with Satin Brass Pull

Take Stock of our Christmas Stocking

You say you’ve procrastinated with perusing our catalog and pre-ordering a piece in time to be built to order for Christmas? Well, chances are there’s a miracle on Woodstock (or Yamhill Street) just waiting to save the day. We’ve stocked up at both our stores with many of our most desired items, so you still have plenty of ways you can furnish your family with a gift of consummate craft, beauty and durability.

Among the many pieces you can take possession of right off the floor is our charming Leon Rocker – an accent piece and a prescription for stress-relief for people of all ages. We also have available several variations of our popular Butterfly Bench, with its distinctive bowtie-like butterfly joints in contrasting wood species, and our Shaker-inspired Hope Chest – as much a prized possession as whatever goes inside it.

Drop into our Southeast or downtown Portland showroom and come away with a piece your loved one will love. The less you procrastinate, the larger the selection!

Leon Rocker

Leon Rocker in Western Walnut and Century End Table in White Oak

Adorable adornments

You may come to The Joinery looking for something big, but it’s hard to avoid leaving without one of our small handcrafted ornaments, curios or other practical or whimsical holiday accessories. Every year we help make the season bright by selecting a few distinctive, Joinery-quality ornaments, toys and wooden whatnots for your own seasonal display and your gift list.

Among the items we feature this year are wooden ornaments that a John Doering makes from The Joinery’s own scrap lumber. We also have some delightful little felt ornaments that look like cuddly woodland critters, wooden animal cutouts, and the ever so popular wooden snowflakes.

Whether you come in with a dresser, a table or an entertainment center in mind, you’re likely to leave with a bauble you love.  Drop in soon and give in to the temptation!

Compound Cut Ornaments

Compound Cut Ornaments by John Doering  •  $16

A Dozen Ways to Amaze

Even if you celebrate 12 days of Christmas, The Joinery has you covered with accessory picture frames, lighting, tiles, mirrors, coat racks, mattresses, countertops, jewelry boxes, serving bowls, baskets, wooden toys, games and a multitude of kitchen items. Chances are, we’ve got something unusual, beautiful and handcrafted for every price range and every person on your shopping list.

Some of our more popular accessory items this time of year are the Plywerk Maggie and Stanley pictures frames, handcrafted locally in Portland and the Charley Harper Tiles by Motawi Tileworks in Ann Arbor Michigan.

We are proud to be an outlet for local and national artisans whose mastery of their craft and standards of quality are as unstinting as our own. If you want to give gifts that are labors of love, not of an assembly line, come in and ogle the merchandise.

Pictured below are just a few of our favorites.

Charley Harper Tiles by Motawi

Charley Harper tiles by Motawi  •  Ranges from $36 to $96

Our Singular Sale: first of its kind in every way!

We’re often building prototypes of designs, pursuing an inspiration, blue-skying an addition to a line. We might then modify it for full production or decide to go in some other direction. These pieces have been scrupulously handmade and are of thoroughbred quality; they just don’t quite fit into our standard furniture family.

Now we’ve collected enough of these one-of-a-kind creations that we’re bundling them together into one big, first-ever “Singular Sale.” For two days only, December 13th and 14th, you can come to our Woodstock showroom and buy something both singular and wonderful at a substantial discount.

These sale items include prototypes of our new case line that we’ll officially introduce this winter – you can sneak a peak and snag a bargain at the same time. Also up for grabs are prototypes of our just-launched Whitman armchair, Celilo chairs and several one-off pieces that we may never build again but that you can enjoy forever.

To those who say there are no degrees of uniqueness, we say come to our Singular Sale and see the most unique pieces to ever wear a Joinery sales tag. Below is just a small sampling of the items available.

Tansu End Table

Detail of Tansu End Table in Maple


Spoons that spoil you

The Joinery is proud to stock an array of handmade utensils from Jonathan's Spoons, whose flame-blacked wild cherry wood designs are a natural complement to The Joinery's own marriage of furniture form and function. Once you've held one of these finely balanced, beautifully finished utensils in your hand, it's hard to go back to the characterless wares from the gadget rack.

Let us show you how much love can go into a pickle fork. A honey stick. A set of salad tongs. Or a cherrywood ladle. All of these item make for thoughtful, much-appreciated, long-lived gifts -- but be warned: the temptation to keep them for your own kitchen is so great you might as well buy a few for yourself while you're here!

The story behind the founding of Jonathan's Spoons makes for good reading, as does their philosophy of making their products as practical as they are beautiful. You can read all about them at Then come in and pick one up to feel the difference. Photos courtesy of Jonathan's Spoons.

Jonathan's Spoons