Argyle connects with its past

For Argyle Winery, the project of expanding its tasting room and hospitality facility had a focus on blending the past with the present.

While that intent included retaining the “feel” of the production facility that formerly stood on the Dundee campus, it also extended into a very literal sense of utilizing the same building materials from the old structures, which were carefully deconstructed by crews over the past eight months.

One of the large buildings, home to the crush pad equipment, was built in 2008 and therefore was still in great condition when the project began. With the new plans for the site, though, it wasn’t needed as an indoor space.

“It would have been criminal to tear it down,” Argyle director of sales and marketing Chris Cullina said.

The Joinery built a custom fir table and benches (shown above) from the lumber salvaged from the project.

Caravan Pacific Alberta Lamps

Caravan Pacific's Alberta Lamps are now available at The Joinery. Designed and handcrafted in Portland, these mid-century inspired lamps are made with the same attention to detail and level of craftsmanship as our furniture.

Coffee table talk: Serving up advice.

In many homes it’s the coffee table, even more than the dining table, the wet bar or the kitchen island, that serves as the community center. At various times it can be library and snack bar, display space and conversational hub. It’s certainly a centerpiece in most living rooms, and as such acts as a kind of first violinist, setting the tone for the surrounding “orchestra.”

The Joinery Celilo Coffee Table

Knotty But Oh So Nice: the Fiber Arts of Holly Mueller

Holly Mueller was already an accomplished seamstress and textile designer when she ran across an old book on macrame from the ‘70s and — voila! — she was hooked. Or rather, hitched. The possibilities of putting a contemporary spin on traditional macrame, using a variety of fibers, materials, plaits, shapes, weaves and dimensions, have been energizing and engaging her ever since.

The Joinery is proud and delighted to showcase Holly’s work in our Yamhill store, where her original wallhangings, window covers and room dividers are just as apt to take a visitor’s breath away as the craft of our own master woodworkers.

Holly Mueller

Metro Sofa: beneath the fabric, its fiber is 100% Joinery

In the hands of our master craftsmen, wood is truly as beautiful as it's cut out to be. No surprise then that The Joinery is prone to present its furniture au naturel, with nothing obscuring the warmth and unique character of every cut of wood.  

But as our Metro Sofa demonstrates, our furniture looks pretty spectacular dressed to the nines, too.

Make room(s) for our new catalog!

When you're ready to turn a new page in your décor, have we got some pages for you! The Joinery's new catalog makes its debut in September, and we can barely contain our excitement over its stunning new vignettes of our pieces at home in their natural habitats.

We thought we’d tease you with a sneak peek of two new catalog shots featuring some Joinery favorites as well as new designs that made their debut this year.

Portable potables from The Joinery & New Deal

Here at The Joinery, we appreciate kindred spirits — well, spirits of most any kind, really — but especially those of New Deal Distillery, the small-batch distillery in southeast Portland that’s been making award-winning liquors and liqueurs since 2004. Their philosophy of true craftsmanship, environmental stewardship and giving back to their community meshes (or is that mashes?) nicely with our own. New Deal has graciously supported us in recent events like our celebration for the re-opening of our downtown showroom in June.

So we’re excited to be able to turn the tables and support New Deal in our own inimitable fashion: our recently introduced Milo Bar Cart is a most elegant conveyance for any and all of their exceptional spirits. Short of the back seat of a Rolls Royce Phantom, no liquor cabinet could ask for a smoother or more refined ride.

We rolled our new Milo Bar Cart into service just in time to serve New Deal cocktails during the Grand Re-Opening of our downtown Portland showroom at 922 S.W. Yamhill in June.

Where Craft, Passion & Business Intersect: Lilith Rockett’s Handmade Artistry

If you ever wondered about the current state of Oregon Craft and its critical role in providing creative fuel for innovation and economic development that goes well beyond the beautiful pieces the artisans create, look no further than the current exhibit at Portland’s Museum of Contemporary Craft (MCC), on display this summer.

CEO Roundtable: Portland’s ‘makers’ occupy unique niche in manufacturing world

Portland Business Journal | By Wendy Culverwell

Photo by Cathy Cheney

Ben Rivera, president of Portland’s iconic Leatherman Tool Group, wore an unusual watch band when he joined manufacturing executives for a discussion about Portland’s growing maker movement.

Called the Leatherman Tread, it consists of 10 links embedded with the company’s famous tools. It was borne of an experience at Disneyland when security wouldn’t let Rivera carry a traditional Leatherman tool into the park grounds.


100 Best Green Workplaces in Oregon

The Joinery: wood chips and sawdust are converted into briquettes, then given away for free to customers.

As momentum grows at the state level to introduce far-reaching environmental regulations, such as carbon pricing and the Clean Fuels Program, Oregon employers continue to go the extra mile to create green workplaces for their employees.

Paperless offices, on-site organic gardens, worm bins, low-flow showers — these are just a handful of innovative green practices that the 100 Best Green Workplaces in Oregon have put in place to foster sustainable work environments.

This year’s list is composed of a mix of companies and organizations that are not necessarily associated with green products and services, such as auto retailers and law firms. Others are in industries that are geared to green living, such as environmental consulting.