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The Joinery Handcrafted Holiday Gift Guide 2015

For more than 30 years, The Joinery has built the most breathtakingly beautiful furniture and gifts in our Portland, OR woodshop. Our master craftsman custom-design pieces that are admired by some of the best woodworkers in the country because we are meticulous about our craft. This holiday season give a piece of Joinery perfectionism to your loved one.


Stop in to one of our Portland showrooms or shop online. Just for the holidays: Small works by the masters of woodcraft. Peruse our gift guide for holiday inspiration.

A few side notes about end tables.

Since we recently set down a few rules of thumb for picking the perfect coffee table, a natural sequel is an entrée to end tables, a.k.a., occasional tables.

Of course, there’s certainly no end to the array of end table styles available to you, from gossamer-slender to tree-trunk solid; from rococo-ornate to Shaker-simple. You can select them as complements or counterpoints to the furniture they adjoin. They can be restrained and functional or an art form in themselves. You can purchase end tables and coffee tables as a matched set or give yourself the fun of fretting over an eclectic medley.

But amid all this subjectivity there are a few rules to keep in mind — so at least when and if you break those rules you do so intentionally.

How to make an entrance they won’t forget

Entryways today are the vestiges of a once great empire. 

In both design and decor the entryway can and should be the preamble for everything to come. Whether your idea for a great introduction is the first four notes of Beethoven’s Ninth or Keith Richard’s opening guitar riff in “Satisfaction,” your entryway can be the tone-setter for your tastes and habits and time of year.

Yes, entryways tend to change with the calendar whether you intend them to or not. Whether it’s the footwear on the floor, the coats on the rack, the quality of the light through the windows or the toys your kids stash by the front door — to everything there is a season. At The Joinery, we offer you some beautiful entryway “canvasses” on which to paint your seasonal masterpiece.

Consider these “Fab 5 Fav’s” for giving your entrance a welcoming touch of freshness or seasonality.