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The Joinery is participating in the 2016 EcoChallenge

After a great experience last year, The Joinery is again participating in the NW Earth Institute’s EcoChallenge.  With over 80% of our employees taking part, our Sustainability Team divided participants into four separate teams for an added layer of fun and friendly competition. The team came up with a new set of challenges:

  • Challenge #1: Don’t eat anything that once had a heartbeat. Whatever your take on the ethics of eating animals, a diet featuring meat and poultry has a dramatically bigger environmental footprint than a vegetarian diet. There is ample evidence that reducing meat intake also improves your health. Our goal as a company is to reach 600 meatless meals.
  • Challenge #2: Avoid to-go containers. A trash audit conducted earlier in the year (yes, our team shown below did some dumpster diving to determine what exactly we are throwing into the landfill) showed that about 10% of the trash from our Woodstock location was made up of to-go containers for food and coffee. Our goal is to eliminate the use of to-go containers in general and disposable coffee cups in particular, and to help we are providing insulated coffee containers to all participating employees.
  • Challenge #3: Daily Exercise for at least 30 minutes has a beneficial impact on mental as well as physical health. And it can also be a lot of fun.

2016 EcoChallenge

We are kicking the Eco Challenge off with a Vegetarian Luncheon this Thursday, when our four teams will begin battling it out for bragging rights.

NWEI | Engaging Employees and Effecting Positive Change: The Joinery’s Story

The Joinery is an iconic Portland, Oregon furniture company, and one of the many businesses that has engaged employees and made positive changes using NWEI programs. 

We sat down with Joinery owner Jon Blumenauer for this Changemaker Interview in order to dig deeper into how NWEI courses and EcoChallenge can positively impact an organization. Jon notes that “The Joinery is a great model for how business can and should be run. It produces beautiful, high quality furniture in a way that values employees, contributes to our community and protects the environment.” Read on for the Joinery’s NWEI story. 

What inspired you, and the Joinery, to participate in NWEI’s discussion course and EcoChallenge last year?

The Joinery named to 100 Best Green Workplaces in Oregon

We are so proud! The Joinery has been named one of the 2016 100 Best Green Workplaces in Oregon by Oregon Business magazine. The eighth annual green survey was part of the 100 Best Companies and 100 Best Nonprofits surveys conducted last fall and spring. This ranking shows that our workplace has implemented a variety of green policies, and that our employees place a high value on sustainable practices and believe our commitment to them is exceptional.

Oregon Business magazine will celebrate the 100 Best Green Workplaces in Oregon at a luncheon on Wednesday, June 1, at The Nines Hotel in Portland. They will reveal the rankings with a “Top 10 countdown” and unveil the June issue of Oregon Business magazine. 

Meet The Small Businesses Turning Karma Into Cash

Shoppers typically make purchasing decisions based on the quality of a brand’s product and its price. But a third factor – a brand’s “purpose” – has emerged as equally influential. Roughly 84 percent of consumers say they try to consider a company’s social and environmental pledges before they buy or shop, according to a 2015 Cone Communications Study.


“Consumers are more educated about the marketplace,” says Kate Zabriskie, consultant and founder of Business Training Works, Inc. “And the brands they choose are often a reflection of who they are, and they vote with their wallets. Businesses are recognizing this.”

Oregon White Oak

The Joinery is proud to announce a partnership with Zena Forest Products to source local Oregon White Oak. We strive to utilize lumber from local sources and that which is certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council. Through our partnership with Zena, we accomplish both.

Ben Deumling started Zena Forest Products in 2007 at age 25.  He wanted to find a better outlet for the logs from Zena Forest than the big industrial sawmills, where prices were low and good management practices were not appreciated or rewarded.   Zena Forest Products is now able to process logs onsite into finished flooring, furniture and cabinet stock, as well as a wide variety of other custom products.           

The Joinery Story


From our beginnings in 1982, our history has shaped us, defined us and created opportunities for growth. Follow along on our journey.


100 Best Green Workplaces in Oregon

The Joinery: wood chips and sawdust are converted into briquettes, then given away for free to customers.

As momentum grows at the state level to introduce far-reaching environmental regulations, such as carbon pricing and the Clean Fuels Program, Oregon employers continue to go the extra mile to create green workplaces for their employees.

Paperless offices, on-site organic gardens, worm bins, low-flow showers — these are just a handful of innovative green practices that the 100 Best Green Workplaces in Oregon have put in place to foster sustainable work environments.

This year’s list is composed of a mix of companies and organizations that are not necessarily associated with green products and services, such as auto retailers and law firms. Others are in industries that are geared to green living, such as environmental consulting.

Springtime at The Joinery: Everything’s coming up green awards


Since our founding in 1982, The Joinery has worked to be environmentally responsible and community minded. The impact of those efforts has been good enough to be recently named to the Oregon Business “100 Best Green Companies to Work for in Oregon.” Exactly where The Joinery falls among the 33 companies ranked in the Small Company category won’t be unveiled until May 27, but we are proud to have made the list.  In a state as environmentally progressive as Oregon, this award is particularly welcome.

We are also honored to be named to the B Corporation “Best for the Environment” list for the third consecutive year, honoring those B Corps throughout the world that are doing the most on the environmental front.

Best for the Evironment 2014

In April The Joinery was named to the “B Corp Best for the Environment” list in recognition of our outstanding environmental practices.  Our inclusion resulted from an environmental impact score in the top 10% of all Certified B Corporations on the B Impact Assessment, a rigorous and comprehensive assessment of a company's impact on its workers, community, and the environment. This is the second consecutive year that The Joinery earned this distinction. See our score and learn more about the other honorees here.


BCorp Best for the Environment


The Scrap Contest is Coming

Our 4th annual Scrap Contest is now underway. We challenged our entire team – including design, sales and craftspeople – to develop innovative new products utilizing only scrap wood. After much lumber hoarding and lots of time building and sanding, the pieces are nearly complete. Voting opens on May 13th and can be conducted online or through an in-store survey.  At the conclusion of the contest we will draw the name of one voter, whose prize will be their choice among any of the Scrap Contest entries.

Below are photos of a few of the pieces being entered this year.

Scrap Contest 2014