Repair Seminar this week

We are having one of our Furniture Maintenance and Repair Seminars this coming Saturday on July 14th from 10 to 11:30. Email us here or call us at 503.788.8547 to sign up.

Furniture Maintenance Seminar

Repairing furniture finished with oil can seem a little daunting, however it is actually relatively easy. So if you find a dent on your dresser or a white heat ring on your Joinery dining table, do not worry. Instead, join Kelly from our finish department to learn how to repair dents and heat rings on your oil finished furniture.

If you are not able to joing us for this seminar but would like to learn some tricks to repairing solid wood furniture, please watch some of our repair videos here.



Fresh on the floor: Fir Beam with Cutout

The Fir Beam Table with Cutout is fresh on the showroom floor this week. Made from reclaimed Fir beams salvaged from old barns acros the NW, the Firm Beam Table with Cutout works perfectly as a small end table or nightstand.  The table is 14"w x 14"d x 20"h and costs $895.

Fir Beam with Cutout

2012 Scrap Contest Winner

After many months of collecting scrap wood and a record setting number of votes the overall winner of the Scrap Contest this year is the Timberline Entry Table. This entry table received the highest number of votes in all three categories. The race was really close though. Congratulations to our builder Thomas Dunn, shown below, who designed and built one of the largest scrap contest entries to date made from locally harvest Western Walnut scrap.

Scrap Contest Winner

Timberline Entry Table


Design Trend - Incorporating Brass

It's true, brass has made a full comeback - but not like we remember from the '90s. Below are a few examples of how to do brass right - small and unexpected.

Brass - Design Trend

More pictures of this project can be found here.

Companies we love: Grove

Portland is a city full of amazing talent and one such company that really proves this is Grove. Grove is a small team of passionate creators that make everything themselves from start to finish. The Grove team designs and makes iPhone Cases and iPad cases out of bamboo and recycled skateboards. Here are some of our favorite designs by Grove along with a few images of their process.


Scrap Contest 2012

The Joinery challenged their craftspeople, designer, and sales people to develop innovative new products using scrap wood for our third annual Scrap Contest. After much lumber hording and lots of time building and sanding, the pieces are now done and on display.


Here is your chance to vote and be entered in a drawing to win the scrap project of your choice (up to a $1,120 value.) All questions must be answered to be entered. Contest ends June 30th, 2012. Drawing will be held on July 3rd. Shipping not included.

Click here to take the survey and see images of all the entries.

If you are in Portland please come by and see these amazing pieces in person. All pieces will be available for sale after the contest is finished.

Oregon Historical Society

The Architecture and Legacy of Pietro Belluschi opened last month at the Orgon Historical Society.

Photo by Marian Wood Kolisch

Italian born architect Pietro Belluschi, F.A.I.A. spent much of his notable career here in Portland designing local landmarks such as the Portland Art Museum and the Equitable Building (now the Commonwealth Building). The Oregon Historical Society is hosting an exhibit featuring his lifetime of works.


Design Trend - Mixing Patterns

Mixing patterns of different scales and colors has been done for many years but the strong use of bright colors has been popping up frequently within design blogs and publications lately. The photo below from designer Caitlin Wilson is a successful example of mixing patterns. To visit her website click here.

Mixing Patterns, Design Trend

When mixing pattens be sure to vary the scale and subject matter - floral mixed with stripes or dots works well.  Above is a larger floral print paired with smaller trellis type patterns.

New Machine for our Woodshop

Our woodshop just received its newest piece of machinery, the Cube by Weinig. This machine takes a raw piece of lumber and planes it on all 4 sides (S4S) in one pass. So what used to take us a few passes will now only take one. It also creates precise 90 degree right-angles with this one pass.

The Joinery new machine



The Joinery's 30th Anniversary Party

The Joinery Celebrates 30 years of Handcrafted Furniture


The Joinery is turning 30 this year and you are invited. Please join us in celebrating handcrafted furniture since 1982.  Come see our wood shop, meet our craftsmen, view our 2012 Scrap Contest entries, and see our latest designs while enjoying light appetizers and drinks.

June 16th from 4pm - 8pm
4804 SE Woodstock Blvd
Portland, OR 97206

RSVP required:
email us here or call us at 503.788.8547