A note from Joinery owner Jon Blumenauer

In late January 2017, I was returning from a meeting with leaders of other Portland-area B Corps. It was a volatile time for our community and, I believe historians will someday agree, our country. Donald Trump had just been sworn in after one of the most divisive elections in our history, and emotions were raw.

I don’t remember much about what we discussed in that meeting. But I do remember wishing what we had talked about instead: at a time of great uncertainty and fear, how can like-minded businesses get together to support one another and stand up for our core values, which appeared to be under attack? Particularly galling to me was the demonization of immigrants that Trump made a centerpiece of his campaign.

I mentioned this to Amy Prosenjak, the President of A to Z Wineworks, who was also at the meeting. She invited me to come out to the winery to meet with her and Sam Tannahill, one of A to Z’s founders, to talk about it further. While there are many worthy areas of policy to champion, the immigration issue was important to us because it cuts straight to the core of who we are as people, which is always reflected by how we treat others.

Never mind that virtually all Americans are immigrants. Never mind that the rhetoric, aside from being mean-spirited, was simply incorrect; never mind that the “policy” being championed was impractical and counterproductive. These are academic arguments. And that is not to say that academic arguments are not important – after all, immigration policy is complex, and well-intentioned people can come to support different approaches.

But this is about something much more real, much more tangible. It is simply this: How do we treat one another?

We resolved a couple of things in our discussion on that beautiful day overlooking the vineyards. One was to actively search out ways to partner with local businesses that share the same values to strengthen one another. Great intentions are meaningless without the ability to follow through on them. And in the case of small local companies, that means our businesses must remain strong to provide the jobs, stability, financial resources and bandwidth to focus on other things.

The other was to tell the story of how immigrants, particularly recent ones, contribute mightily to our communities.

Fast forward to June 2018 and the release of US, a compilation of immigrant stories from Portland-area B Corps. US profiles fourteen immigrants from countries across five continents.

US book

The Joinery will host a pop-up event for Portland Makers on May 31st at our downtown showroom. We are excited to host Belmont Blanket, Stone Barn Brandyworks, Nicole Curcio, Wood Lighting Design, and David Gutschmidt at our Yamhill showroom from 5:00-7:00. Please join us for appetizers and drinks and to see the latest designs from these remarkable Portland makers. Click here to RSVP.

Stone Barn Brandyworks  Stone Barn Brandyworks

Stone Barn Brandyworks

The Joinery is partnering with students enrolled in the Architecture and Design program at Sabin-Schellenberg, a professional technical high school serving the North Clackamas school district, to showcase and auction their innovative creations made from scrap lumber donated by The Joinery. Students will use industry leading 3D modeling software and digital manufacturing equipment to convert scrap wood into consumer products such as puzzles, coasters, and artwork.

Student Silent Auction Pieces

Our new Jarvis Standing Desk and Jarvis Conference Tables infuse movement into your workspace, which helps fuel creativity and engagement. Designed in collaboration with Fully, another Portland-based B Corp, these pieces provide a unique and sophisticated touch to any active workspace, not to mention a testament to our shared love of creating quality products using the best practices for the environment.

Jarvis Adjustable Standing Desk

When A to Z Wineworks began looking for a conference table for the new building overlooking its vineyards in the Willamette Valley, The Joinery entered the conversation due in part to our status as a fellow B Corp. A to Z wanted particular functionality in the table, but also a product that incorporated their company values around environmental performance and community engagement. The result is a custom modular table that provides optimum flexibility as well as rich beauty.

A to Z Wineworks Custom Conference Table

There is definitely a family resemblance between the Sebastian Bookcases and the Sebastian End Table, including racetrack-shaped legs, a light and open feel, and contrasting end grain plugs that provide a beautiful design feature. But in contrast to their cousin, the Sebastian Bookcases are made with thick solid wood shelves that provide a sense of heft and sturdiness. The shelves cantilever beyond the legs and are evenly spaced to keep the pieces visually clean and symmetrical.  They come in two standard sizes, providing versatility to accommodate any space. Come see the Sebastians at either our Woodstock or Yamhill showroom.

Sebastian Short Bookcase

Sebastian Short Bookcase in Eastern Walnut

This holiday season we partnered with Colorhouse Paint to transform our Hayden dining table and chairs into three distinct holiday looks by changing up the color pallete thru the paint and table settings. With Colorhouse's direction and amazing paints our Hayden dining set transforms into the perfect gathering space in all three looks.


Colorhouse Paint used their SPROUT .06 as the starting point for this amazing pink vignette and paired it with ceramics by Eutectic Gallery, Icon Ceramics and accessories from Crate and Barrel.

Hayden walnut dining set with Colorhouse pink

We are excited to welcome Holly Mueller, David Gutschmidt and Vitreluxe founder Lynn Read to our Woodstock showroom on November 18th from 11.00-4.00.

Drop by to see Holly’s work  handmade fiber arts and textiles, Dave’s bowls and other wood turned items, and Lynn’s blown and cast glass. Along with many incredible pieces that we do not normally carry, the artists will be on hand to talk about how they go about designing and producing their beautiful work. 


As Thanksgiving approaches we have built up a great selection of dining tables that are available for immediate delivery. Here are just a few of our favorites. Please stop by our Woodstock or Yamhill showrooms to see our current selection in person. For more information about these tables please call us at 503.788.8547 or email us here.

Live-Edge Dining Table in Stock

Live-Edge Metal Base Argon Dining Table with Silver finish

Detail of Live-Edge Dining Table in stock

Detail of Live-Edge Dining Table

The design intent behind the Hayden Dining Table was to create a simplified trestle table with an overall clean and light form. Unlike normal kitchen duty, in table construction we kept things clean by removing the aprons.  We focusd on subtle details including exposed splines at the top and bottom of the legs, and a slight angle to the bottoms of the feet that keeps the table light and elevated.