When we heard that the local Woodstock Elementary School, located just a few blocks away from our woodshop, was renovating its staff lounge, we thought it presented a great way to say goodbye to the community that we have called home for the last 22 years. The school staff was looking to create a comfortable gathering space with natural decor to allow temporary respites during their hectic school days.

Spearheaded by our lead table builder Michael (who is also a parent at the Woodstock Elementary School and PTA member) we decided on a more traditional design that would speak to the history of the school, yet be functional and easy to care for. 

With a generous donation of FSC Certified Cherry by Collins, one of our fantastic lumber suppliers, our team used paid Volunteer hours to create these tables and deliver them before the new school year started. Below are some photos of the table delivery. Included in the photo is the school principal, key staff in charge of the remodel, and Michael, the lead builder in this project. 

Donated table to Woodstock Elementary

With the end of our lease at our Woodstock facility on the horizon, we began the search for a new manufacturing facility over a year ago. The biggest need was to find a space that would allow us to grow and improve our manufacturing operation. But we also wanted to maintain the characteristics that made our current location so special. We loved being part of a vibrant Portland neighborhood and all that entailed. 

It was also important to consider the input from our team, and to that end our entire company got together to create a wish list for the new space. Meeting that list was a tall order, and we are ecstatic to be moving into a new building that checks all the major boxes – a much larger manufacturing space that gives us room to grow, includes a furniture showroom that allows customers a peek into our manufacturing process, and is located in a great Portland neighborhood with all the amenities (including the “walkable beer” wish, which we will have thanks to Occidental Brewing).

We are sad to be saying goodbye to the Woodstock neighborhood that we have called home for the last 22 years. We are grateful for the support from the community, which has played a huge role in our success over that time. The expressions of support, especially over the past couple months, have been humbling and we are deeply appreciative. If it would have been possible to stay at Woodstock, we certainly would have done so. Stay tuned for plans to honor and thank the community, which we will share soon.

Although we are sad to leave Woodstock, we are excited to be moving to St. Johns – another great destination neighborhood that includes the iconic St. Johns bridge, Cathedral Park, and great shops and restaurants. And it has the added benefit of being closer and more convenient from our Downtown Portland showroom, just a short drive down Highway 30 and over the St. Johns bridge.

Our lease at Woodstock runs through October, and we will remain through that time.  Stay tuned for more details on the transition, including welcome and farewell gatherings.   

Team trip to St. Johns

Our team on a visit to the St. Johns facility.

Our typical manufacturing process is to determine the furniture piece we need, then find the perfect material to build it. But occasionally it works in reverse – we come across lumber so distinctive and beautiful that we design a piece to build using it. So was the case with Spalted Maple Live Edge Dining Table.

Back in January we saw Goby’s Instagram post of these incredible Spalted Maple live edge slabs. We thought the best way to highlight the rich beauty and character of the Spalted Maple was a live edge dining table with a black solid steel base from Ingot Furnishings.

Working with Spalted material is challenging as the properties of the material are quite different from our standard wood species. Throughout the process, Levi, one of our skilled Table builders, did an amazing job of determining the material layout and placement of the Wenge butterflies.

Once finished, the warmth of the Oregon Maple showed through and we decided to pair this piece with our new Kenton dining chair (soon to be online) in Cherry. See photos of our process to create this one-of-a-kind piece, including the original photo from Goby Walnut. To see it in person please stop our SE Woodstock showroom before it finds it forever home. 


Spalted Maple Live=Edge Table

Spalted Maple dining table 

Spalted Maple Dining Table

Spalted Maple Dining Table

Detail of Spalted Maple table

Spalted Maple Dining Table

Detail of curly Spalted Maple Dining Table

We are excited to announce our initial partnership with Krownlab by featuring their KOR linear pulls and knobs on our furniture. Thoughtfully designed with attention on every detail, they are available in three different finishes and pair beautifully with our Modern case line. Stop by either of our showrooms to see them in person.

Krownlab Kor Pulls in Brass

Kor Pull in Brass on an Eastern Walnut dresser

Kor knob in black

Kor knob in black on Cherry nighstand

Designing pieces that are not only engineered to survive the test of time, but also to be relevant thru multiple generations is challenging when our homes, hobbies, and daily needs change with technology. So when we first decided to create the Maud credenza for record storage we wanted to ensure that this piece was versatile enough to function in multiple other ways.

Maud Credenza for LP Storage

To further enhance the design, we included a group of customers in the development process. Their incredible feedback helped us create a product that was aligned with their needs, as well as the Joinery brand. With their thoughtful feedback, first on our original concept designs and then a prototype, we are very happy with the collaborative final design for this piece.

Recently a group of Joinery employees had the amazing opportunity to work with Hyla Woods and the Tualatin Soil and Water Conservation on their reestablishment of Oregon White Oak woodlands in the Mt. Richmond Forests. Our team had a wonderful educational tour of the Hyla property including Oregon Oak forests, the Hyla solar powered kiln, and learned about their efforts in maintaining a diversified forest, while creating lumber products to sustain their business. To learn more abour Hyla Woods click here. Thank you also to the Tualatin Soil and Water Conservation.

Hyla Tree Planting Visit

The Hyla Solar Powered Wood Kiln

To our customers, partners and the Woodstock community:

We wanted to share some important information with you about our Woodstock manufacturing facility. We currently lease this building, and with our lease ending this October, we have been evaluating options for a new space that will support our growth. It is likely that we will move to a new location in the St. Johns area of Portland at the end of our lease. Our plans will be finalized over the next couple of months and we will share with you once they are.

We are excited to be a part of this year's Portland Winter Light Festival with featured artist Anne F. Crumpacker with her work Enso - A Sense of Awareness.  We are featuring a selection of her illuminated sculptures at our SW Yamhill showroom thru May 12th, 2019. Come by to experience them first hand Monday thru Saturday 10 - 6 and Sunday 11 -5. We also have a few special events planned throughtout the duration of her show.

Join us for First Thursday during the PDXWLF at our downtown location at 922 SW Yamhill, February 7th, from 5:00 - 8:00 to enjoy light refreshments and appetizers.

* We will also be hosting a Meet the Artists event in early May. Details to come.

Anne F. Crumpacker Art

About the work:

Ensō - A Sense of Awareness

By Anne F. Crumpacker

Studio Assistant, Jimin Lee

Anne leans to the light and elevates interiors with crosscut bamboo luminaries. Each piece Anne creates is a microcosm and metaphor for life, the interconnection of all things. She strives to expose the inner beauty of bamboo and share her innermost thoughts with audiences. Patterns and rhythms emerge, revealing the interconnection of forces within nature, from microscopic life to wave movement. Interconnectedness is the source, the revelation, and the energy she seeks to express in all of her work.

Japanese aesthetics deeply influence this artist. She reflects on minimal design, the simplicity and clarity of expression, the close connection to nature through the bamboo, and the serenity and tranquility she experiences when working with her hands. It is her meditation and she is in the flow. This has become the core of her practice she simply cannot do without.

While handcrafted furniture is our passion, our team also likes to get outdoors and enjoy the beauty the Pacific Northwest has to offer. So this year we planned a group rafting trip which not only challenged us all, as our rafting experience was pretty limited, it also brought us a bit closer together.  Here are just a few photos from the exciting trip down the White Salmon River and over the Husum Falls. We had such a fun time and will be planning future rafting trips as a team. Thank you to Wet Planet Rafting and all our rafting guides.

The Joinery team rafting trip 2018

In any business, innovation is key to engaging employees and improving upon products and processes. To help bring these moments to light, we came up with our "J-Coins." We have about 50 of these circulating among our staff at any given time.

Innovation Coins

While this may not capture all the innovations that happen throughout the company, we have found it to be a nice way for us to all get involved and share in each other’s innovative moments.

Here is how it works:

When you observe an innovation from another team member, you give them a J-Coin. The goal is not to see how many you can collect.  Rather, it is for the recipient of the J-Coin to recognize an innovation from a teammate as quickly as possible.  At the end of every month we recognize innovations at our company meeting, and at the end of the year the employee with the most innovations wins Innovator Award.

This program (along with the idea and design of the J-Coins) was the idea of Taryn, our Furniture Designer.  And our inaugural coin was given to Tenzin, pictured below, for devising a new clamp pad.

Tenzin receives innagural Innovation Coin