This year’s Serving Up Style event ran from Sept 30th to Oct 3rd, and it was a great success! Serving Up Style is an event hosted by the Portland Home and Garden Show, to raise awareness for lupus, and supports Molly's Fund. We had so much fun working with Nicole of Nicole Helene Designs to put together a stylish and fresh take on a dining staged set-up. We are proud to announce that we took home the People’s Choice Award! There were so many great entries in this year’s competition, many congratulations to all the winners and to all the competitors. To learn more about Serving Up Style or Molly's Fund click here.

Here are some shots of our vignette. It included our Live Edge Dining Table, our Fir Beam End Table, our Century End Table, and our Roswell Round End Tables.


If you haven't had the chance to run across the stunning photo series by Tadd Myers called American Craftsman Project, you should stop what you are doing and head over to the site for a treat. Inspired by his craftsman father, Tadd has traveled across the country to document craftsmen and women working in their trade. There is much of the values of The Joinery reflected in the images and words of the kindred spirits featured in the project.

We are excited to once again be featuring an awesome Renovo bike in our showroom. Renovo is a forward thinking Portland company that specializing in something seemingly impossible, hardwood bikes! You may have seen this company and their excellent products featured on blogs and in design magazines around the web and in print, they certainly have been getting attention for some time now.  We have designed a bike stand to go with the bike, and we currently are displaying the Renovo R4 Pursuit. Come by the showroom and prepared to be awed by it's beauty and surprising lightness.

The Joinery is proud to be partnering with Nicole Helene Designs for the fantastic event Serving Up Style at the Portland Fall Home and Garden show this coming week. The event supports Molly’s Fund, an organization dedicated to fighting Lupus. The Gala Event, held on October 2nd, includes an awards ceremony plus auction and dinner. We are looking forward to posting about the event, and showing off some great photos next week!

Until then, here are some photos of our booth in progress (and a couple of our guys clowning around at the install). Hope we see you there!

wood shop

Tillamook, Oregon boasts an amazing wood structure built by the government during WWII- the hangar at Tillamook Air Museum. The building is on an absolutely massive scale- 7 acres big. The first was built in 8 months, the 2nd (which sadly burned in 1992) was built in an astounding 27 days. Building on this scale in such a short time frame must reach close to some kind of historic record!

We are so excited about our gorgeous new Celilo Sofa that arrived on the floor last week. What a difference upholstery choices can make to how a piece feels. We absolutely loved our last Celilo, upholstered in Robert Allen Lygeia Grace in Slate, which you can check out on our website here. But we thought it would be fun to try a different angle this time, and the result is stunning! While the former sofa had a much more formal and serene feel, this version just feels like a fun pop, and will make a fabulous, bold statement in a living room.


"The peculiar grace of a Shaker chair is due to the fact that it was built by someone capable of believing that an angel might come down and sit on it." - Thomas Merton

Shaker furniture has changed little since its inception in the late 1700's by a Christian denomination (the Shakers) that stressed beliefs of simplicity and efficiency. Trademarks of Shaker style furniture include spare design with straight lines, straightforward construction techniques and an understated beauty that reflects the modest values of the Shaker community.

Shaker style furniture


The Shakers were among the first in America to try mass production, and they were so successful at it that the Shaker name became synonymous with quality. Mortise and tenon joinery and dovetailing are a hallmark of the Shaker style. Contrary to common belief, the Shakers are not similar to Luddites, or the Amish, in that they embrace technology that increases efficiency, which saves them the time that belongs to God.

wood shop

You can't believe everything you read, but when the news seems like it is all bad, all the time...sometimes you take what you can get. Hearing news like that below gives one hope that each tiny step we make towards a greater goal really means something, and that each individual working to make a difference is, well, making a difference.



Here at The Joinery we get excited to work on custom pieces, and this spindle bed we just shipped to California was a great project. This project was developed in partnership with Ingrid Ballman, an interior designer based in the San Francisco Bay Area, as a fully custom Queen size bed in FSC Certified Cherry. Below are some shots of the bed as it headed through assembly.

wood shop