Even Mozart must have started by pecking out a few piano chords. When Hilario joined us ten years ago, his woodworking knowledge was limited to the hammer-and-nail nitty-gritty of construction carpentry. Then he came to work in The Joinery’s finish department, and over a number of years accumulated the skills and demonstrated the aptitude for the million-and-one details required to build incredible handcrafted furniture — the idiosyncrasies of each wood species, the tools, the joints, cut lists, custom design . . . .

Featured Builder at The Joinery

wood shop

Taryn, our furniture designer, and master craftsman Hilario recently teamed up to create the Maud Desk, a mid-century-inspired writing desk that’s as graceful as a gazelle, with a chameleon-like ability to blend beautifully into small spaces like a bedroom recess or a bright entryway.

Maud Writing Desk

After a great experience last year, The Joinery is again participating in the NW Earth Institute’s EcoChallenge.  With over 80% of our employees taking part, our Sustainability Team divided participants into four separate teams for an added layer of fun and friendly competition. The team came up with a new set of challenges:

  • Challenge #1: Don’t eat anything that once had a heartbeat. Whatever your take on the ethics of eating animals, a diet featuring meat and poultry has a dramatically bigger environmental footprint than a vegetarian diet. There is ample evidence that reducing meat intake also improves your health. Our goal as a company is to reach 600 meatless meals.
  • Challenge #2: Avoid to-go containers. A trash audit conducted earlier in the year (yes, our team shown below did some dumpster diving to determine what exactly we are throwing into the landfill) showed that about 10% of the trash from our Woodstock location was made up of to-go containers for food and coffee. Our goal is to eliminate the use of to-go containers in general and disposable coffee cups in particular, and to help we are providing insulated coffee containers to all participating employees.
  • Challenge #3: Daily Exercise for at least 30 minutes has a beneficial impact on mental as well as physical health. And it can also be a lot of fun.

2016 EcoChallenge

We are kicking the Eco Challenge off with a Vegetarian Luncheon this Thursday, when our four teams will begin battling it out for bragging rights.

Just in time for the holidays! The Joinery is now featuring two new really fun toys made by Baldwin Toys of Omaha, Nebraska. Each of these pieces are handcrafted by artist and owner Steve Baldwin. Since 1976 Steve has been making toys with a focus on the quality. His work has been featured in shows across the country and received numerous awards. What we really enjoy about Baldwin toys is that he makes toys for everyone: from collector pieces to the toys that endure a childhood of playing.

For this holiday season The Joinery is featuring Baldwin Toys Wood Car 4 Pack Toy and his Transporter Toy. Both of these pieces are made with a two wood species and finished with a food safe oil finish.


Baldwin Toys 4 Pack

The Wood Car 4 Pack features a carrying case and 4 cars that are held in place with two pins. All you have to do is pull out the pin and take your cars for a spin.

As part of  the Our House Dinner Series, The Joinery hosted a dinner on September 25th in support of the non-profit organization Our House, which provides healthcare and housing to low-income individuals living with HIV. The Roman Feast hosted by Richard Bradspies & Dore Everett with Wendy Weaver and Chef Gabriel Gabreski of a Cena, was held in the middle of our wood shop. The fine dining setting among our walls of lumber and machinery presented a remarkable juxtaposition and a truly unique dining experience.

Our House Dinner Series dinner at The Joinery's wood shop

A beautiful place setting in the middle of The Joinery's wood shop.

Guests were treated to an amazing feast of mozzarella and heirloom tomatoes, vegetable lasagna, and a whole roasted pig, paired with wine and a “Roman Holiday” specialty cocktail. The wine and cider was generously donated by Anne Hubatch of Helioterra wines and Alterego Cider.  and the beautiful flower arrangements were donated by Hilary Spray of Joyful Floral.

To learn more about the Our House Dinner Series visit their website here.. To learn more about the amazing food visit a Cena’s website here.


This year The Joinery partnered with Friends of Trees for the second annual "Woodstock Gives Back" event that was held on Sunday, September 11th. Organized by the Woodstock Business Association, this event involved over 25 businesses from the Woodstock Community. Each business partnered with local non-profits, to help raise awareness and support.

This year The Joinery partnered with Friends of Trees and during the event had a Build your own Bird house kids activity. The tally was counted and with the furniture sales of the day The Joinery will be sponsoring the planting of 100 trees with a proceeds raised.

The other amazing community building activity that occurred this day was the building of 30 birdhouses with neighborhood children. Our master craftsmen, apprentice, and furniture designer volunteered their time to build bird house kits and then to help the kids make their own. The day was an amazing success of working with he community and having a lot of fun! Below are a few of the photos from the day’s event. To learn more about Woodstock Gives Back click here or to learn more about volunteering with Friends of Trees click here.

Friends of Trees and The Joinery partner together for Woodstock Gives Back

Gary from Friends of Trees was out that day to cheer on the kids building their birdhouses and also teach neighbors about Friends of Trees.


Was it nature or nurture that inspired Kelsey, our first recruit this spring to The Joinery’s Woodworker Apprentice Program, to follow her passion for creating beautiful wood furniture?

wood shop

The Woodstock Community Business Association (WCBA) dedicated Sunday, September 11th, to their 2nd annual Woodstock Gives Back event, and The Joinery is happy to be involved again this year by partnering with Friends of Trees and hosting a "Build your own birdhouse" kids activity.

Join us for a day dedicated to local nonprofits. On Sunday, September 11, 2016 from 10.00-2.00, over 20 businesses throughout the Woodstock area will be raising funds and generating awareness for the charity or non-profit of their choice. Portland is widely known for its scores of active and empowered neighborhoods. This year we have again chosen Friends of Trees as our non-profit partner.

Friends of Trees has been caring for city trees and green spaces in Pacific Northwest communities since 1989. The Joinery is excited to partner with them by donating the planting of five trees for every furniture purchase that day.

Stop by and get a photo with Garry, make a Bird House with one of our craftsmen and get more information on Friends of Trees and enjoy the lively Woodstock entertainment.

To learn more about all the events going on that day visit the Woodstock Give Back Facebook page here.

Photo credit of Friends of Trees at the 2015 Woodstock Gives Back Celebration.


Whether you’re deliberately downsizing your living spaces or not, square footage comes at a premium these days, and you can’t always get what you want. Drop by The Joinery, however, and you just might find you get what you need: our new Klamath Dining Table is designed to let you dine in style in nooks, crannies and other smaller spaces.

Its dimensions are smaller and its anatomy simple — but its design and construction are to our same uncompromising standards. This table features a radiused edge detail on the top, along with tapered legs, and a slight angle at the bottom of the supporting stretchers. The Klamath Dining Table is 42" round and 30" tall, perfect for the smaller space dining experience.

Klamath Dining Table

Featured above is the Klamath Dining Table in Eastern Walnut

Last Chance for 2015 Pricing

Psst. Here’s an arresting insider trading tidbit we’re only telling our closest friends and constant readers: when our new catalog comes out in September, new furniture pricing will officially go into effect.