We’re delighted to introduce our newest addition to our prized Celilo family of living room and dining room furniture: the Celilo Media Console. We think it encapsulates the highest expression of the Celilo design theme, originally developed by Liz Holoubek in 2010.

Available in two standard size options  — an 18”x49”x20” 2-drawer version and 18”x72”x20” version with additional center flip-down door — the Celilo Media Console was designed by Taryn Johnson to fit within the Celilo look-and-feel while casting its own distinctive spell.


In July Robin, our Shop Foreman, celebrated his 20-year anniversary with us. He’s legendary in these parts as “The Chair Guy” for his particular finesse building those most complex pieces of furniture. As one of his compatriots said, it goes to show that like the furniture we build, quality lasts and lasts. Yeah, we may still give him grief. We’re as apt to call him “Ruban” or “Rubinsky” or “Bobarino” as his real name — but these days, “Bobarino, Sir!” is always implied.

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Come experience firsthand a mattress made with the same craftsmanship as a piece of Joinery furniture. One assembled with natural materials and a meticulous eye for detail. A mattress of unwavering quality from start to finish. And a company with a passionate social consciousness that makes them an asset to their community and the planet at large.

Soaring Heart is a small Seattle-based company that has been building quality mattresses since 1982, and The Joinery is proud to be partnering with them and hosting a Soaring Heart Product Event on Saturday, July 23rd.

At this event, you can relax and try out these new additions to The Joinery product line. You'll have the opportunity to speak with a member of the Soaring Heart team about the construction and find out which mattress is your favorite.

Stop by and become Goldilocks for the afternoon. Enjoy a glass of wine, and experience what a quality, handcrafted mattress feel like.


Date: Saturday, July 23rd
Time: 2:00 - 4:00
Location: The Joinery Southeast Showroom at 4804 SE Woodstock Blvd, Portland, OR 97206
RSVP to [email protected]

Soaring Heart Mattress Detail


The masters of sawing wood join forces with the masters of sawing logs.

We’re pleased and excited to have found a perfect match in mattresses for our collection of beautifully crafted beds.

Soaring Heart Natural Bed Company is a small, 30-year-old Seattle business committed to the art and science of a deep and healthful sleep — and they do so with uncompromising custom craftsmanship, astute innovation, locally-sourced organic materials, utmost integrity and an evolved social consciousness that makes them an active and honored member of their community.

In other words, Soaring Heart is everything The Joinery expects of itself. So there’s nothing strange about these two bedfellows joining forces to furnish you with the whole framework and fabric of a good night’s sleep. To see all the Soaring Heart Mattresses The Joinery offers, visit our mattress page.

To celebrate this partnership, The Joinery will be hosting a Soaring Heart Product Event at our Woodstock showroom on Saturday, July 23rd. At this special event you can meet one of the makers of these amazing mattresses and learn about their product first hand.

Soaring Heart Handcrafted Mattresses

Introducing our new kitchen multi-tasker!

The Joinery is proud to roll out (on locking casters!) our latest design! Our Butcher Block Island Table for kitchen use provides a great recipe - combining versatility, incredible beauty, and The Joinery’s incomparable craftsmanship.


Hancrafted Butcher Block Island

The Small Butcher Block Island with End Grain in Oregon White Oak.


These versatile butcher block kitchen tables can be used for food preparation, double as a kitchen table, or simply add warmth, character and storage to any kitchen.

They come in three different sizes – and can be made from any of our six standard wood species in either edge grain or end grain.

The bottom stretcher makes for a convenient footrest and allows stools to be tucked in under the table to further maximize space. Or, opt for a bottom shelf for additional storage. Plus, locking casters make it easy to move around as circumstances require. 

The Joinery is proud to again be named one of Oregon Business magazine’s “100 Best Green Workplaces.”  This year we moved up to #39 on the list, a great validation of our continued efforts to improve our environmental performance and the lives of our employees. See the entire list See the entire list here at Oregon Business Magazine.



The Winning Builder

With hundreds and hundreds of votes counted over the past week, the Annual Metamortise winner is: Thomas Dunn and his Beacon Coffee Table.

Thomas gets bragging rights for the next year - kudos! Thomas combined gorgeous local Western Walnut, Oregon White Oak, FSC Cherryand locally havested Madrone wood scraps and fashioned them into a stunning piece. 



By popular, pent-up demand, The Joinery is delaying no longer with our one-and-only SALE of the year. It begins April 30th and since you’re reading this, you’re one of the first to know. Only our blog readers and best customers are privy to this advance tip-off.


The Joinery is an iconic Portland, Oregon furniture company, and one of the many businesses that has engaged employees and made positive changes using NWEI programs. 

The Joinery hosts an annual design competition amongst its master woodworkers called Metamortise – the mission is to create unique furniture pieces from leftover scrap materials. We'll be kicking off our Metamortise event on Saturday, April 16th, 3-5pm, at our downtown showroom at 922 SW Yamhill. Vote online HERE.