Oregon Legacy Oak End Tables

Oregon Legacy Oak End Tables

22 x 22 x 20h

Estimated building lead time: 15–25 weeks

The Joinery is excited to announce a limited offering of new furniture designs to extend the legacy of a 257-year-old Oregon Oak tree, while helping preserve the fragile oak ecosystem in the Willamette Valley.

Although the story of this remarkable tree originally began in 1765, we will pick it up more recently, in January 2017. That’s when Ben Deumling, the owner of Zena Forest Products , was put in touch with a woman who grew up on a family farm on the Little Luckiamute River, just south of Monmouth in Oregon’s Willamette Valley who was interested a forest thinning and reforestation plan for trees on the farm.

Among the trees selected for removed was a very large, old Oregon Oak tree. Its top was dying and it was clear that it was at the end of its life, so it needed to be taken down. As the Zena team began to process the tree, they were shocked to discover that it was 257 years old, and of stunning quality. Ben notes that it is by far the oldest tree that Zena has ever worked with. Most oak trees in Oregon are less than 175 years old, and the lumber from this tree is easily distinguishable from other oaks.

Our Furniture Designer, Taryn developed new designs for a Legacy Coffee Table and Legacy End Table. These pieces can be purchased off the floor or built-to-order as wood supply lasts. 

We are pleased to donate a percentage of sales of these amazing pieces to the Oregon Oak Accord, which protects and restores the oak habitat in the fragile Willamette Valley ecosystem.