• Handcrafted Celilo Sofa in Pendleton fabric
    The Celilo sofa is inspired by Mid-Century design incorporating an exposed wood frame surrounding the upholstered cushions. As with the rest of the Celilo line, the Celilo sofa is thoughtfully detailed with clean lines, and exposed joinery with the bridle
  • Live-Edge Dining Tables in stock
  • The Joinery began as a one-person furniture refurbishing and repair business in 1982. Today we are proud to employ a team of highly skilled people operating with a strong sense of shared values to design, build and sell our furniture.
  • Joinery
    The Hayden Dining Table is a simplified Trestle Table that is designed to complement rooms that vary in style. The beautiful details of this table are the exposed joinery on the foot along with the slight angle at the base.
  • The Joinery craft
    Each piece of our residential furniture is wholly built by a single woodworker, creating a strong sense of pride and ownership from all on our team. When each piece is finished to our rigorous standards, it receives the Joinery plaque and signature.
  • Modern Simple Live-Edge Split bed in Western Walnut with Slipper Chair and Sebstian End Table Handcrafted in Portland, Oregon
    The beauty of the natural edge of the Western Walnut is a predominant feature in our Modern Live-Edge split bed frame. We assemble two pieces of Walnut with live edge into the headboard which allows the gap between them to create a negative space.