FRom Our Customers

"More than we could have hoped. Exquisite work, actually breathtaking. We feel so lucky to be able to have this unbelievable artwork in our home."

Dona and Mike S.

Our Craft

The Joinery creates beautiful, quality wood furniture of modern and classic design. Our in-house design team meticulously develops each piece to ensure it meets our standard for design and quality.

Each piece of our residential furniture is wholly built by a single woodworker, creating a strong sense of pride and ownership from all on our team. When each piece is finished to our rigorous standards, it receives the Joinery plaque and builder signature: our guarantee that it will hold up to a lifetime of use.

Our furniture is built from solid hardwoods. We incorporate a multitude of traditional woodworking techniques including dovetail, finger and butterfly joints that greatly enhance the beauty, function and durability of each piece. 

Our finishing process entails hand-sanding and application of our proprietary finishing oil, helping each piece achieve a degree of smoothness that makes our furniture as pleasing to the touch as it is to the eye.

We offer you a variety of wood species for our standard products, including Cherry, Western Walnut, Eastern Walnut, Maple, and Oregon White Oak. We can source other, distinctive hardwoods upon request — in all cases seeking to find the most environmentally responsible source.

We can also integrate glass, metal and upholstery into our furniture, and provide 3-D renderings as part of our custom design and modification process.