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Our Story

Since 1982, The Joinery has created handcrafted furniture that’s here for good. That is a reference to the level of craftsmanship, with each piece expected to last decades if not generations. It’s also a reference to how we do business — a certified B Corp since 2010, we operate with a deep commitment to our employees, environmental performance and community engagement.

The Joinery began as a one-person furniture refurbishing and repair business nearly 40 years ago. Today we are a highly skilled team operating with a strong sense of shared values to create beautiful furniture for residential and commercial spaces. We use time-honored joinery techniques to create each piece, keeping alive a craft that blends art with science. In the age of mass customization, we do things differently. Whether from our standard product line or a custom piece, an individual craftsperson builds each piece of furniture from start to finish, which then bears their signature when complete.

Our furniture is designed and built in our Portland, Oregon manufacturing facility, located at the foot of the iconic St. Johns Bridge and the banks of the Willamette River.



Customer first

We create an incredible product and experience for all of our customers. We each take the care to understand customer needs, and exceed them.

We do this together

At the Joinery, every person plays an important role that contributes to our success. We each do our part and actively help others do theirs. We participate, especially when it’s challenging.

Details matter

Focus on details is important for each of us. Our work is all connected, and the constant pursuit of accuracy is critical to our individual success, as well as the success of our teammates. Getting the little things right is integral to outstanding product quality, customer experience, and perception of our brand. 

Innovate daily

Question, take action, make mistakes, and learn. We believe in a spectrum of innovation that runs from small modifications to grand new ideas. We constantly search for ways to improve by thinking creatively as well as analytically, and recognize that the best path forward is ever-changing.

Better because of us

We understand that our business practices and individual actions impact the environment, our communities, and individual lives. We take action to create a world where there is enough, for all, forever.

Everyone has a voice, and is heard

We are at our best individually and collectively when each of us feels valued. Our team is better off by appreciating the unique differences among us. We recognize and embrace the challenges inherent in our differences, and engage in open communication where every individual is accorded dignity and respect.

We care

We have a deep personal connection to our work. We care about what we do and how we do it, and we inspire others to care too. When these values or our perspectives are in conflict, we aspire to act in the best long-term interest of The Joinery.

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